Win a Prize just for writing a review -

Win a Prize just for writing a review


Jan 27

WIN PRIZES just for giving us a REVIEW.

What: Promotion to get more Get You In Shape reviewsreview44

What’s In It For You:
Each person who writes a review on Google, Facebook and/or Facebook gets a packet of Spark

5 Grand Prizes: We will draw 5 “bigger” prizes from all the names that gave a review. You can you name in the hat up to three times for helping us with all three reviews.

What’s in it for GYIS: We understand how important reviews are for people who don’t already know, like and trust us. Having more reviews will help add credibility to folks looking at our information online.

How: Just follow the steps below to write the review(s) then comment on the GYIS VIP Group Facebook Post Here that you wrote 1, 2 or 3 reviews to make it easy for us to track.

When: From January 27th-Feb 8th

From now until February 8th we are giving away prizes for helping us increase the numbers of reviews that we have on Google, Facebook and Yelp (Yahoo).

It’s pretty simple, you help us with one review, two reviews or all three reviews and you will get a packed of Spark from us. Your name will also be entered into a drawing for each review you make to win a few prizes.

To make it easy for us to track, just comment on the post about the Promotion for Reviews on our GYIS VIP Group. Just comment that you wrote a review, 2 reviews or all three reviews so we know how many names we need to add in the hat.
EVERYONE will get a packet of Spark for helping us with at least one review.

There are some “how to’s” below since it is a little tricky to figure out how to write a review. Facebook and Yelp are pretty straightforward but it’s a little tricky to write a Google review, which is probably the one that will help us the most.

We know that many people that are looking to get in shape find are a little intimidating so REVIEWS are the first place people look to check out the business.

Thus, for a small business competing against similar businesses in the same city, reviews can often be the crucial tiebreaker between equidistant businesses.

A few “helpful” suggestions
1) Hit the 5th star. This will help you rate Get You In Shape
2) We encourage you to start with Google as this will help us the most
3) We certainly want to hear all the benefits that our program has done in your life (awesome trainers, community, weight loss, energy, etc) . Suggestion that would help us-  Use the words Coppell and Personal Trainers in your review since that is where we are and what we are. It’s certainly not a requirement as we just want some honest reviews on how GYIS has helped you.
4) Copy the first one review you use and just paste in the two other reviews.

1) Google Review–
1st way –
suggested way – use the Google Maps app – Click Here for the directions for writing a review with your Google Map app from your phone. ( )
way – From your desktop – Click Here for the directions from your computer – ( )

2) Facebook Review – I suggest you do this on your desktop – This one is pretty simple. Go to
Scroll down and you will see REVIEWS on the left side. You just click on the 5 stars and write a review.

3) Yelp Review (Yahoo)Go here to write a review on Yelp (Yahoo).
If you don’t have a yelp account, you will write you review and then it will ask you to sign up. If you have a Facebook account you just use that to sign in. You will then get an email from Yelp and you will need to confirm that email to get the review posted

After you write the review or reviews, you will then comment on the GYIS VIP Group Facebook Post Here that you wrote 1, 2 or 3 reviews to make it easy for us to track.


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