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GYIS Build Your Own Program


May 19

There is another Challenge waiting in the wings. But fear not, there are no miles, squats or burpees to do unless you put them there!

GYIS Clients continue to blow us away with their dedicated attendance, commitment to their health, creating new friendships on this journey and participation in many of our goofy but rewarding challenges.  Well, here is another one for you.  You’ve sat on the sidelines being told what to do, week after week, month after month. How would you like to tell everyone ELSE what to do?

During the month of May we are inviting any interested GYIS clients to write the workout for the day (WOD).  These workouts will be reviewed by the trainers (for safety and reasonability!) and will be selected for our June sessions.  We hope we will have a variety of client-inspired workouts throughout the month but this will depend on the number of entries we receive.

To make it easy for you to submit your ideal workout, here are a few simple guidelines:

  • Submit them early! Only the first 10 submissions will be accepted.
  • For guidance, use one of the two attached formatted workout templates  that will guide you in building the structure and the timing/pace of the workout.
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE! Be clever and try new things, but remember that over 100+ clients (varying ages and fitness levels) will be performing these workouts.
  • Try to include the various fun toys and equipment!
  • Consult a trainer if you are unsure about an idea.
  • Submit all workouts to Tarah via email at Tarah @ by Sunday, May 25th.  No Late submissions will be considered.

Need another incentive to take on this challenge?  If your program gets selected, you can invite any family and friends to join us on the day we do your workout!  What a great way to show them how hard you work!

A few things to know:
1. The workouts are ALWAYS focused on client safety and will always continue to do so.
2. As professional trainers, we will make sure that we pick the BYOP that fits to what we are all about and that will ensure that it’s safe and effective.

Good luck and let the CHALLENGE begin!

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