Get You In Shape Group Personal Training - Lost 11 lbs in 24 Days -

Get You In Shape Group Personal Training – Lost 11 lbs in 24 Days


Mar 20

Get You In Shape Success Story

Coppell Fitness
I am fitting into clothes that haven’t fit me in a long time!

I wanted to thank you all for introducing me to the 24 Day Challenge. I truly think that it’s changed my life. After I had my second child last summer I’ve really struggled to get back to where I was beforehand. I absolutely love Get You In Shape fitness program and how much stronger and in shape it’s made me, but I’ve struggled over the last 6 months with my eating. I had heard about the 24 Day Challenge and knew a few people who had had great results so I was ready to get started. More than just the 11 pound weight loss in 24 Days and the clothes that I haven’t fit in to for a while, I just feel so much better. I was amazed that I could eat this well and not crave the carbs and sugar that I always felt like I needed. I’ve also struggled a lot with energy since my second was born. I have a more than 40 hour a week job plus family commitments, a husband who is a rugby coach and trying to fit in time for myself (which is normally boot camp), has been a real challenge. I’ve been amazed at how much more energy I really have now with eating better and the Spark.

Overall, I’m just thrilled with the results of the 24 Day Challenge. I have so much more energy than before and feel like my kids and husband are reaping the benefits of that. I’m just amazed at how this has really changed my life and made so many aspects of it better.

Allison Jones, Director at a commercial real estate company – Coppell, TX

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