Coppell Personal Trainer Tip of the week - How you sleep -

Coppell Personal Trainer Tip of the week – How you sleep


Aug 12

I get a lot of great stretches and insights from a website
A while back Chaney, Julie Smith and I went to a seminar led by this guy that was all about movement, mobility and stretching.

The video today explains his theory on how you sleep and your body.

This is from the blog post on his website here

This episode is dedicated to a friend in Australia with chronic low back pain. (You know who you are…)

Let’s make a simple equation:

Correct Movement + Right Lifestyle (nutrition, sleep, stress) = You are a Perfect Healing Machine (PHM)

Yes, it’s really that simple.  If you set the right conditions for your body and move well, you have an infinite capacity to heal and reclaim function.  Oh, and that’s at any age.  Frankly we’ve never met a person that couldn’t improve on either the lifestyle or movement front (frankly it’s most often both).

So let’s take our Australian friend as a case study.  Good guy, good personality, eats really well, moves really well.  Still has low back pain.  Turns out he’s really sore in the morning first thing out of bed.  Strange.  This is worst time of the day in fact.

Me:  Please tell me you don’t sleep on your stomach.

Him:  How did you know?

Me:  Are you just toying with me or what?

Him: I’m not.

Me: Dewd, drink a VB as a foul and stop sleeping on your belly man! Show some respect for yourself!  How old is your bed, please don’t say 8 years old and that’s it’s really hard.

Him:  Weird! It’s really hard and it’s exactly 8 years old.  My girlfriend has been giving me crap lately about it being so old.

Me: Weird.  Marry her.  She’s brilliant.

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