Personal Trainer Tip Coping With Your Closet: Friend? Enemy? Frenemy?

Personal Trainer Tip – Coping with your Closet


Jan 12

Coping With Your Closet: Friend? Enemy? Frenemy?

How many times do I hear, “I have so many cute clothes in my closet that I really want to fit back into!” I have heard it many times because I have probably said that statement to myself 1 million times…maybe not the cute part. I’m not quite that fashionista. Anyone else need to look at the mannequin at the store to figure out how to put an outfit together…and then have to ask the sales person where the heck are those clothes in this crazy store…then you try it on and look nothing like the mannequin did…Ha! Asking for a friend J.

Losing and gaining weight, there and back again can make your closet look like a scary place. What fits? What can I get away with? Is this still in style? Do I really care? At the beginning of my latest and greatest weight loss journey that began 9 months ago my main “So That”, the reason I was going to say no to the things not helping me get closer to my goal was so that…I could have a positive emotional relationship with my closet. I am not kidding. If you are reading this and in the beginning or middle of your journey you are giving me a high five and a big sigh right now. I hear you, sister. That dumb closet! I don’t like you but I want to be able to wear anything I want hanging on your hangers. The struggle is real.

Being in the fitness industry and staying home with the kids, my wardrobe is pretty comfortable and stretchy. However, being church goers…Sunday comes once a week which requires me to find something that zips, buttons or fastens in some way. GULP! NO!!!!

For those amazing women who go back to work after having a baby or women in a weight loss struggle that have to put on real grown up clothes each day of the week for work…I SALUTE YOU! Your emotional encounter with your closet occurs 5x more often than mine does. Ugh. Wearing those same black pants with the stretchy top and that same frumpy top…how many days can you get away with it? Wouldn’t it be nice to just open your closet doors, find something you feel good in, extra bonus that it is clean, and just freaking wear what you want. What an amazing feeling.

Early in my journey I could still get away with the maternity pants and it was winter so I could manage the bulky tops to church. But then…they weather gets warmer…too hot for sweaters…no…it’s happening…although I want my belly to be smaller, it gets just small enough that the maternity panel to my pants won’t stay up. Now I have to fish around for post baby clothes and wear “real clothes” in sizes that I would rather not wear. But we all have to do it…wear stuff we don’t want to wear. The good news is that we don’t have to wear it forever!

I can remember many Sunday mornings where I get out of the shower, do my hair and makeup (or what I think is my hair and makeup) and before I head into my bedroom to face my nemesis, Mr. Closet, I say, “Dear Jesus, please let this be easy!” Meanwhile, Brad and the kids are already in the car waiting for me to come out so we can leave for church. Not that I take FOREVER forever to get ready but I do try to have some standards. Anyway, I don’t have much time to experience a full episode of wardrobe trauma, but just enough that I put on probably what I wore the Sunday before, that is not exactly fresh out of the dryer and get into the car and try not to cry on the way to church and ruin the make-up I only think I have applied correctly. It is so hard not liking the way to look in clothes, to not like the clothes you are wearing, to be uncomfortable. But you are strong, I am strong we just wear it, get it over with and then put on pajama pants when we get home.

Fast forward to being a few pounds away from my goal (and almost one year from Noelle being born). Maternity clothes are far far away from my closet. Post baby clothes have already been brought to a thrift store in a big juicy black bag that I thoroughly enjoyed filling. It is awesome. I am slowly creeping away from Mr. Closet the enemy and schmoozing towards Mr. Closet, the frenemy…and soon to be friends. After a really good clean out I think we can be friends. I have been able to pull out things that I haven’t been able to wear in two years and just wear the darn thing. I don’t need to go in the mirror and make sure it is public-appropriate. I don’t need to wonder if it is too tight here or too short there. In all seriousness…I have had five kids and I’m 41 years old so there are no abs of steel going on just yet. I’ve got a nice mushy tummy tattooed with lovely stretch marks for all eternity. But I am okay with that. I can still put on jeans from before I even had kids. But I had to endure the journey and battle my closet all along the way.

I want to encourage you to make it a priority to become friends with your closet once more. Tell yourself that YOU WILL get into those clothes shoved in the back. That YOU WILL be filling a huge black garbage bag with those worn out black pants and frumpy tops that you have been wearing as your work uniform for months or years. Make your closet your friend again. Let getting dressed be as easy as brushing your teeth. You just do it without thinking. Can you imagine how awesome that is? I can and it is very very awesome. Call me when you are ready to fill your black bag. I’ll help you fill it, I’ll celebrate with you and then let’s go drop it off together!

Written by Coppell personal Trainer Cynthia Linder, Co-owner of Get You In Shape

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