Coppell Personal Trainer - Fitness Workouts for November wk#1 -

Coppell Personal Trainer – Fitness Workouts for November wk#1


Oct 22

Remember to always warm up and cool down. The Tuesday/Thursday sessions should include a little more time to stretch and work on mobility. Just like anything else, if you are not very flexible in one area, work on it. Spend some more time in areas that are very tight for you. You can also add some core work in the off-day cardio. We also suggest you try getting in some extra core exercises with your off-day cardio. You will benefit just by doing the 5 exercises we have put on the ab page of the Get You In Shape Program for adding Core work to the off-day cardio.

Monday– Boot Camp Workout #1

Tuesday – 5-7 minutes – warm up with stretches 5  minutes – Core exercises – choose 5 exercises and get in one min each.
Interval Training: 30 Seconds of work, 30 Seconds off (rest), Jump Ropes (or Jump rope in place), Log Jumps (like jumping over a log), Defensive Slides (4-5 feet back and forth), Jumping Jacks Fast, Squat jumps, Repeat two times (2 rounds)

Rest 2-3 Minutes
5 Minutes of Core exercises
10-15 minutes in slow to medium zone
8-10 Min  cool down stretching

Wednesday – Boot Camp #2

Thursday – 5-10 Minutes of warm up,

5 minutes in medium pace, Hold in Plank Position for 1 min, Supermans for 1 min, Toe touches for 1 min, Reverse Crunch for 1 min, Pillar Bridge for 1 min

Interval Training 2 Minutes in Slow, 2 Minute in Medium, 1 Minute in fast.
Try to get in 5 – 6 rounds or 25-30 minutes Extra Stretching today.

Friday -Boot Camp #3

Saturday – 30-45 minutes of Cardio in your Slow/Medium pace

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