Coppell Fitness Boot Camp - Coppell Personal Trainer helps this man lose 30 Pounds -

Coppell Fitness Boot Camp – Coppell Personal Trainer helps this man lose 30 Pounds


Apr 17

Coppell, TX – My name is David Smith and I have been doing the Coppell Boot Camp for 3 months now. I started and the first month I lost 17 pounds.

Why did you decide to join the Coppell Boot Camp?
The reason I got started with the Coppell Boot Camp was because I had gained so much weight over the years and all I did was work and I did not spend anytime with family and I FINALLY started to make a change.

What did you experience and some benefits you recieved?
I started the personal trainers really focused on Core exercises. One of the big benifits was the Get You In Shape Program PDF that comes with the program. It has what, when and how to eat. That was really key to being able to lose.
The weight melted off in the first month and since then, I have been able to lose 26 pounds and that is putting on 15-20 pounds of muscle and losing 40-50 pounds of FAT. When I started was barely fitting in size 38 pants and now I can get into size 34 pants.
I have now lost a total of 30 Pounds and am losing every minute of it!

I highly recommend the Get You In Shape Coppell boot Camp and the 40 Day Challenge!

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