30 Day Challenge - Oct 16 Booty Challenge -

30 Day Challenge – Oct 16 Booty Challenge


Sep 30

30 Day Challenge – Boo-Ty Challenge
The video is mising Lunges and Bridges so see the links below if you are not sure what those exercise are

6 Exercises
1) Lunges (Video Here)
2) Heel Tap (Video Here)
3) Donkey Kicks (Video Here)
4) Bridges (Video Here)
5) Squats (Video Here)
6) Deadlifts (Video Here)

30 Day Challenge- It’s time to get ready for the next 30 day challenge!

These challenges are designed to be above and beyond your workout but you can do this as a stand alone workout if you are just getting started. Go at your own pace and listen to your body. If you can’t do it all, do fewer reps or break them up throughout the day. If it is not challenging enough increase the rep count. You can start the challenge on any day that you want.

You can change up the variations of exercises.  Here are a few examples – Squats: Straight, Plie, Jump, Wide, Jack, Air, Sumo etc.  Lunges: walking, front, back, side, curtsey, jumping, etc.

Download the pdf here http://ow.ly/SkFm304HX0S
Below is the Image that you can save for your phone.


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