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What Do You Push For?


May 14

Sgt Joey Jones will be with us May 19th at Coppell High School. Scroll down to hear his story.

Our campaign slogan for Pushups For Charity this year is “What do you push for?” You will hear my story but make sure you scroll down and see Sgt Joey Jones, who is going to be participating on our Pushup For Charity Team in Coppell.

There are 4 ways you can help get involved.
1. Sign up to participate on our
2. Make a small donation to the cause on
3. Spread the news about this special event.
4. Come out to the Coppell High School on May 19th at 10am and cheer us on.

This is the 3rd year we have hosted a Pushup of Charity event here in Coppell. Since we’re are one of over 113+ events happening all across the country on May 19th, I thought today would be a great opportunity for me to share a little more about what I push for…

…and also open up the door for you to share a little about what YOU push for too.

NOTE: If you’re not signed up for a PUC event yourself, get in on the fun and do pushups with me next Saturday by joining my virtual team here! At the bottom of this post are the 4 ways you can help even if your not in Coppell

90 seconds… and you can do it anywhere, your garage, in a park, whatever!

Join in and get some!

My family

My Grandfather, Edgar Weldon Linder, was Pilot in the Air Force. He actually dropped troopers on D-Day in Normandy. He made it back safely after the war and he lived until 1973, two years before I was born.

Picture of Marie and Edgar Linder

He ended up raising four great kids. Through the years and after many family reunions, I realized just how special my Grandfather was.

He was a man of very deep faith  and touched all those that were a part of his life.

Freedom and Independence
(for myself and all those I have the honor to serve)

So the first part of “why I push” is my family. I always want to remember and honor my Grandfather.

The second part of why I push is for the great ideals of Freedom, Independence, and the American Dream… which is also very closely connected to our military and my own entrepreneurial journey.

My journey also includes leading other men (and women) to fight for their health and fitness. Which is why I have chosen to live a life to help look, feel, and perform better. Which allows them to be better wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, and be more productive each and every day.

So I push for all of THEM… and for YOU!

To give back and say thank you

The third reason I push is to give back and say “thank you” to ALL of those who have served and fought for the same values and country I love. For me, this is the only way IClick on the picture to help! can give back and give back big.

I have chosen a different path in my life to pursue business rather than a military career.

But I NEVER forget that the only reason I’m able to enjoy the freedom and independence I have as an entrepreneur and American citizen today is because of the many generations of great men (like my grandfather) have laid down their lives for us.

I have tremendous gratitude for the debt we owe our forefathers.

I hope in some small way I can honor all those who serve and have served our military with my efforts and contributions through Pushups For Charity.

For me, this is my way that I can give back and know that being able to lead others from my community is allowing me to reach and help more people than doing something on my own.

What Do You Push For?

I think one of the MOST important things you can do for yourself as a human being… is to really get clear about who you are and what you push for.

Part of that may be wrapped up in your family history and people who have played an influential role in your life.

What do you push for?

What (if any) connections to you have to a life of service and/or the military in your own life or family?

Please add a little bit to the comments below.

You ADD to your own personal power and confidence when you share your story with others.


P.S. I’d also like to ask you to join me in doing some pushups on next Saturday May 19th (Armed Services Day) in honor of our military and to benefit wounded soldiers.

There are 4 ways you can help get involved.
1. Sign up to participate on our SIGN UP PAGE HERE  
2. Make a small donation to the cause on OUR FUNDRAISING PAGE HERE
3. Spread the news to folks that may be interested in this event.
4. Come out to the Coppell High School on May 19th at 10am and cheer us on.

Again, comment below with “What DO You Push For?

We are very honored to have Sgt Joey Jones joining our Pushups For Charity Coppell Team this Saturday. He heard about our event and wanted to participate.
Below is his story. It’s not to late to join or help with our event.
Click Here to donate to our team or participate

Name: Johnny J. Jones
Branch: USMC
Rank: Sgt
Age: 25

Sgt Johnny (Joey) Jones was born in Dalton Georgia. He completed recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina in July 2005 and was assigned to the Marine Corps Communications and Electronics School at Twenty-nine Palms California.

In April 2006 Sgt Jones was transferred to Marine Corps Base Hawaii at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. There he worked as a Communications Technician for CSSG-3 until becoming a Combat Marksmanship Coach.

In September 2006 Sgt was assigned to Pearl Harbor Naval Ship Yard for a higher-level security mission.

In December 2006 Sgt Jones attended the Heavy Machine Gun courses at SOI Camp Pendleton, California.

In April 2007 Sgt Jones was attached to CLB-4 at Camp Foster Okinawa, Japan as a Squad Leader for Mounted Security Company.

In August 2007 Sgt deployed to the Al Anbar province of Iraq as mounted security for the EOD teams on Al Asad Air Base.

In late March 2008 Sgt Jones returned to MCBH from Iraq as an OJT trainee with the MLG EOD support team.

In July 2008 Sgt Jones was attached to Eglin AFB to attend NAVSCOLEOD.

In June 2009 Sgt Jones was assigned to 1st EOD Company where he completed an extensive training evolution until December 2009.

In January 2010 Sgt Jones reported to the Staff Non Commissioned Officers Academy and completed Sgt’s Course Feb 24th 2010.

On March 15th 2010 Sgt Jones deployed to Southern Helmand Province of Afghanistan and operated there until he was WIA August 6th 2010. Sgt Jones’ legs were amputated above the knee and both wrists were severely wounded as well as sever bone and tissue damage to his right forearm.

Currently, Sgt Jones is an Active Duty Fellow for The House Committee for Veterans Affairs.

Sgt Jones personal awards include: Purple Heart, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Combat Distinguishing Device and Combat Action Ribbon.


Johnny Jones

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Laura Martinez May 18, 2012

I think of all the men, women and their families that have made such immeasureable sacrifices for our freedoms. In the brief 90 seconds I pushed myself to do push ups i was thinking about how many men and women were injured in any given 90 seconds of combat Those brief 90 seconds in my day were a flash yet, so many lives were forever changed in so much less time than 90 seconds. It is so little to show support, gratitude and to acknowledge their service, sacrifices and daily struggles dealing with permanent scars, loss of mobility or paired function. Laura

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