Two Lifestyle and Healthy Habits Programs for you in May -

Two Lifestyle and Healthy Habits Programs for you in May


Apr 18

Hey all,
May is always a tough time of year so I wanted to give anyone who is wanting more motivation,  encouragement and accountability an option.
So if you are not wanting extra from what we already provide, this may not be for you.
This is for the folks needing the extra push, needing a re-boot, wanting more accountability and are looking for RESULTS.

We have two options for you for the May Session. You can choose to do one or both.
OPTION #1 – FREE – You will need to email Kathyop @ and let her know you want to do the MyCoach Healthy Habits Program.
This will be a 4-week program that will help you daily with doing the basic things we ask we when say “Follow the darn instructions.” Unless you just joined our program since January or participated in our 6-week Team Challenge in January, MyCoach is something we implemented that has been a great REMINDER.
It gives you healthy habits questions each day (via an App or your email) that you answer Yes or No to. After answering this, each day you will be sent to the lesson of the day.

OPTION #2 – Lean Lifestyle Group Challenge – We have done this for years and continue to offer it because our clients love it. It basically adds in nutritional supplements into what we do. So the only cost for the program is for the products associated with it what you purchase through us.
Details on this are at There is NO-COST to come to the group kick off but if you want to participate, the basic cost is the cost of the 24-Day Jump Start.

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