Total Transformation Challenge Winner and Life Changing Fix -

Total Transformation Challenge Winner and Life Changing Fix


Aug 20

We are very excited about about the results from our 3rd Total Transformation Contest  We have been running our proven 24 Day Challenge for a long time and knew that extending the Challenge to a 10-week contest would help our clients implement lasting long-term changes to their lifestyle.

What is the Total Transformation Contest?  This is a 10-week Program open to anyone on Brad and Cynthia’s Nutrition team.   Participants were provided with the 24 Day Challenge Products and Tools and each person kept taking the Metabolic Nutrition System beyond the 24 Days to help with results.   Each person received a Nutrition Guide Book, a healthy recipe book, an email follow up system, a private tools page, all-access coaching and accountability, the Nutritional Supplements and A Chance To Win One of Five Awesome Prizes.

How did we pick the winner? The results were calculated and based on who made the most substantial changes based off the weight & measurement results.

The winner of the Summer SlimDown 2014 was Bobby LaPenna, a Police Officer from Trophy Club. Bobby won $350 CASH for his effort in losing weight and transforming his body!

Read below on how he was able to use the Products to lose 16.4 pounds and over 10 inches.

Why did you decide to join the  Challenge?
I joined the summer slim down to learn better eating habits.

What was your life like before joining the  Challenge?
Before joining, I worked out a lot but defeated those efforts with poor eating choices.

Bobby LaPenna Before AfterWhat was your first impression of the  Challenge program?
My first impression was that there was a lot of pills to remember to take and I was going to be hungry.

What have been some of the tools that are a part of the  Challenge that have benefited you?
The My Fitness Pal app is very helpful.  Also, the suggested nutritional products work really well. The Meal Replacement Shakes are satisfying and Spark is full of energy.

How is the Challenge program different from other programs you have tried before?
I have not done any other programs.

What makes this program different or unique?
What makes this program different is that it is not a quick fix.  You can develop lasting results if you continue to use what you learn.

What results and benefits have you experienced in the Total Transformation Challenge?
I lost approximately 16 pounds during the 10-week challenge and a little more than 10 inches.  I feel lighter for my running and cycling training.  The biggest benefit is the correct eating habits.  Learning to use food as fuel for the body and not over filling the gas tank is a key.

What would you say to anyone looking at joining or trying the  Challenge?
Do not hesitate to better yourself and live a healthier life. Your example could spread to others that may be needing to make the change themselves.


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