Meet Donna Molina from the Get You In Shape Program- 16 Pounds in 8 weeks


Jan 23

Congratulations to Donna Molina of Coppell, TX, who has lost 16 pounds and 16% body weight in just 2 Months
Donna’s Before Picture
Donna Molina Picture before starting the Get You In Shape Fitness Boot Camp.
Donna’s after picture after only 8 weeks.
Donna Molina after 8 weeks of boot Camp

I decided to join the Get You In Shape Fitness Boot Camp because I knew I needed to do something about my weight and I knew surgery was NOT for me. I was very skeptical about the “boot camp” from what I had heard from some people but after the first fitness session, I knew even I could do it.

The workouts are always different which keeps it fun and make it actually enjoyable to exercise. Each class in challenging and I find for the first time in 15 years, I actually look forward to working out.

After 2 months (just 52 days) of the Get You In Shape Fitness Boot Camp, I have lost over 39 inches around my body, weight loss is 16 pounds, and I have lost 16% of my body weight! I am now committed to the program for at least a year. I can only imagine what I can accomplish in this next year. The Get You In Shape Coppell Fitness Boot Camp was just what I needed to help get me on the right path to losing weight and feeling better.
Thank you so much, Get You In Shape for everything you have done and I am commited to staying in the boot camp for a full year!
Donna Molina Coppell, TX

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