Get You In Shape - Twas the Night Before Boot Camp -

Get You In Shape – Twas the Night Before Boot Camp


Dec 23

Twas the Night Before Boot Camp –
(A tribute to Brad, Cynthia and GYIS by Chuck McCan)

Twas the night before Boot Camp, Kristi was loading the truck
Thinking of crazy exercises to really mess with Bart and Chuck.

She was banging the weights, and making such noise,
Ab Matts Ab rollers and all of Brad’s toys.

The wall balls were placed by the pavilion with care,
In hopes that the trainers would surely be there.

The clients were stretching all safe on their mats,
With visions of core exercises… backs must be flat!

When out in the parking lot there arose such a clatter,
Dan Welty was making the rounds to see what was the matter.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But Brad Linder, a kettle bell… my gosh, oh my dear!

The trainers were ready, each morning they came,
Brad whistled and shouted and called them by name.

NOW Julie’s! NOW Chaney! ON Tarah and Kristi!
They snapped to attention, eyes a bit misty.

He paused just a bit, some confusion maybe?
“Where is Cynthia?” “at home making babies!”

The fun then started, the clients were set,
Ready for the workout and breaking a sweat.

Brad commanded “10 pushups and run a quick mile,
Jump squats and star jumps,” he said with a smile.

His girls sprang to action to train and support,
“Shoulders back and down,” their common retort.

Moaning and groaning, exercise in the park.
Burpees and rows… thank goodness for SPARK!

The hour went by so quick and so fast,
We had so much fun, we wanted it to last.

But then class was over and we heard Brad explain,
“Merry Christmas to our clients…
and don’t forget to do your off day cardio!!”

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