Get You In Shape- Marathon Relay and 1/2 Marathon Information -

Get You In Shape- Marathon Relay and 1/2 Marathon Information


Sep 15

If you are Intersted in either the relay or 1/2 marathon COMMENT Below which on your are intersted in.

The White Rock Marathon is held every year and we are doing it this year. Get You In Shape is just helping to organize it and get people the information for those that want to partipate. You can particate in either a 5 person relay (5 people run anywhere from 4-6 miles and you all complete a marathon) or a 1/2 marathon (you do this on your own). We will order Long Sleeve T-Shirts for all that want to get one made.

We will not be leading any running or doing any coaching but are really just helping to coordinate everything. We will have a blog where people can blog if they want to meet at the park at 6pm. Maybe get a facebook page so that peopel can communicate quicker? For now, the main thing is this is going to be for those who want to do it. So if you are interested comment below which one you are interested in.

We can figure that out later. We are just trying to see who wants to sign up.

Here are the choices: For both events, we will be having a calendar for what to run or suggested runs.
1. Relay Marathon with 5 people –
5 people complete a marathon as a relay. You can see below the distances but you would only run between 4-6 miles between the 5 of you. If you are intersted in this email, call, or we will also have a sheet at a boot camp class. If you want to get your own team or already have 3 people let us know. Basically, we are just going to help complete 5 person teams.
2. 1/2 Marathon – So far all the trainers are signed up for this event. We will have a calendar on this page soon about what how to train leading up to December 5th.

Know there is a fee for signing up. You have to do it directly with . If you are doing the relay, it is $160 for all 5 people. If you are running the 1/2 marathon, it is $75 before the end of September. Prices and information are below.

Half Marathon Distance – 13.1 miles
Sunday, December 5, 2010 • 8:00 a.m.
Fair Park, Dallas, Texas

The Dallas White Rock Half Marathon begins and ends in
historic Fair Park, site of the State Fair of Texas. The Half Marathon
begins at the same time as the full marathon and will employ wave
starts. Runners will be assigned to a specific wave from which they
line up to start the race. Runners are not allowed to “jump” waves
(move into a different wave than the one assigned).

We are developing a brand new half marathon course that will
retain the best features from previous courses, including scenic
views, cheering crowds, enthusiastic water stations, and PR times.
Half Marathon runners will see some of the most beautiful areas
of Dallas during their race.

5-Person Relay – Full Marathon Distance
Sunday, December 5, 2010 • 8:00 a.m.
Fair Park, Dallas, Texas

The 5-person relay course begins and ends in Fair Park near
the north end of the Cotton Bowl and runs to and around
scenic White Rock Lake, with so much course entertainment
that you might forget you’re running a marathon! The 26.2-mile
certified course is mostly flat with some rolling hills. Along the
way, runners pass through the downtown Dallas Arts District,
along Turtle Creek, through prestigious Highland Park, around
White Rock Lake, through beautiful Lakewood and down the
Swiss Avenue historical district back to the finish within Fair Park.               

Runners legs and DistancesRunner Starts At Total Miles
First Mile 0 6
Second Mile 6 4
Third Mile 10 5
Fourth Mile 15 5
Fifth Mile 20 6.2
NOTE: Relay leg exchange locations are subject to change as needed to account for any construction along the course. Any such change will have a minor effect on mileage and will mainly impact exact exchange location and surrounding parking. Final exchange points will be noted in the race packets, in the last email blast sent to all participants and during race-morning announcements.


2010 Event Fees Thru Sept 30 Thru Nov 26
Marathon $100 $125
Half Marathon $75 $90
5-Person Relay $160 $175

 They have a cap and for the half marathon they are at
61% capacity and for the 5 person relay, they are at 55% capacity. 

Included in registration event fees: participant shirt and medal
for each participant, including one shirt and medal for each
member of relay teams.

If you are Intersted in either the relay or 1/2 marathon COMMENT Below which on your are intersted in.
We will be making a caledar with suggestions on how long you should run on the off-days to help you prepare.

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Chuck September 27, 2010

I am in for the relay. Looks like we have 5 people. What do we need to do to register?

Carla September 24, 2010

I’m in for the Half! Just bought “Half Marathon, You can do it!” by Jeff Galloway. It’s an easy “how to” with walk-run schedule, nutrition, injury prevention and MOTIVATIONAL information! Hope to pickk up some great tips for training!

admin September 23, 2010

Monica Cox

Jenna C September 19, 2010

I’d be interested in walking a leg in the relay BUT i will just have given birth 4 weeks prior so it will depend on the Dr’s order. 🙂

Gray September 18, 2010

I am interested in the relay.

Jean September 17, 2010

I am intersted in the relay, but definitely from a “fun” perspective. At least it will force me to train and running rev’s up the metabolism.

Beverly Kiefner (French) September 17, 2010

I am already signed up for the half-marathon and am doing a 12 week training program. I am glad my Get you in Shape family will be there with me!!

Susana September 15, 2010

I am interested in the relay.

Linda Creme September 15, 2010

thinking about trying the relay nervous cause running is not my strong suit! Let me know who else is interested!

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