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Get You In Shape – Coppell Community Runs, Tri Training, and events


Jun 22

Get You In Shape’s #1 value is to put people in a positive environment that creates motivation, accountability, encouragement, and inspiration. As we have grown and evolved since 2007, it has now grown to doing more and more stuff outside of the 3-4 day Fitness training. We added the 0ff-day Cardio Club and we are adding extra events to help you reach new goals and give you motivation to continue this health and fitness journey called LIFE.

Julie McCan is heading up the Sprint Tri Training and Kristi Walthall is leading the 5ks and other events that will arise which we can join together as a GYIS community. We know that if you have something (a goal) to reach for, you are more likely to do the things necessary to complete it. The events; tri training, and all of the things we may add here and there for those who are interested are an extra layer that can help us continue along this journey. Doing it as a team and together will make the process more enjoyable and more rewarding each step of the way.

We have close to 30 people interested of some sort in Tri Training (See Below). Here is the email that went out with the dates of the first kick off meetings.

There is also a 5k coming up August 3rd in Dallas (see below)

If you did not sign up for the Triathlon Information just email Julie or me and we can get you on the list of folks interested. The information about the kick off meetings, though, are below.

Future Sprint Triathloners,

Wow!  What a great response from our Boot Campers… we have 30 people currently interested in doing a Sprint Triathlon on September 9th in Denton, TX.  I know that a few of you are on the fence as to whether or not this is something you can or want to do but I am thrilled with the response so far!.

Below are the two important documents you needed to read and information about our kick off meeting.  If you are still undecided after you read through it, do not worry, you do not have to commit until the registration deadline!

Click Here for the Spring Tri Information

Click Here for the Sprint Tri Training

  • the race
  • training for the race
  • web resources

Although I tried not to overload you with too many details at once, I am sure some of you will have more questions after reading it.  Instead of responding to your individual emails and questions, I would like to have a kick off meeting next week — actually, I will conduct a couple of them so that hopefully you can work one into your schedule.  [YOU ONLY HAVE TO ATTEND ONE.] They will be short 30 minute meetings just to make sure everyone is on the same page.  We will also discuss training and race preparation.

If you cannot make the meeting, please do not worry, I will make sure you have any necessary information.

Kick off meetings:
Saturday, June 23rd — 9:05am (right after boot camp) — if it isn’t too hot, we’ll just stay on the basketball court otherwise, we can move somewhere shady.
Tuesday, June 26th — 6:15pm (right before Cardio Club.  Meet under the Pavilion) Wednesday, June 27th — 5:15pm (right before Boot Camp class.  Meet under the Pavilion)

I am really looking forward to working with all of you on this goal together.

Here are a few events Kristi Walthall is helping to get folks involved coming up.

 August 3, 2012 @ 8pm. Glow Dallas 5k – It is a night run in downtown Dallas & looks like tons of fun! 🙂 Anyone is welcome to join! Several of us from Get you in Shape’s bootcamp will be running! Go to , click “Register” & go to “Team Member registration.” The team name is: Get You in Shape & Team Password is: Cardio Club

October 6, 2012 Tough Mudder –  9AM, Austin, TX.
We have a team Team name: Mighty Mudders Password: toughmudder2

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