Fitness Trainer Coppell - Tips and Info for Coppell June wk4 -

Fitness Trainer Coppell – Tips and Info for Coppell June wk4


Jun 17

Trainer Tip of the weekClick Here  for our Trainer Tip of the week on HOW TO KEEP GOING this summer. This will certainly be for many of our clients so make sure you take a minute and check it out.

This week – M-W-F and Saturday is our monthly 5k at 7am! PLease join us this Saturday and get in a 5k with our GYIS community. Remember that it does not matter what fitness level you are at, it just matter’s that you show up 🙂  Workouts Here
Measurements will be Wednesday. Due to trainers being out of town, we will do most of the ending measurements for this month on Wednesday.

Youth Athletic Performance Program – Don’t forget we about this great program we start just last week and we have 7 more weeks to go.  Information is at

Get You In Shape is OFF from June 24-JUne 28th
Get You In Shape is off next week. Here are your options:
1. Workout with the programmed workouts we give you on your own. We will send you a few different options on Friday so that you have the tools in order to workout on you own next week.
2. Come workout with us – We will also be offering Fitness sessions for those of you who do want to workout while we are “off.” We will have signups at each session offering the 5:30am, 6:30am, 8am, and 6pm. We need 8 people for a particular time to sign up in order to be able to offer it. We do ask that you do not sign up unless you are 100% sure you are coming to and are willing to pay the $15/session rate. Friday we will announce the times that we will offer. Then ANYONE can come to any of the times being offered even if you have not committed. The cost per session if you want to come is just $15.
You do not have to pay until Friday or when you come next week but we are asking for a commitment now in order to know we have enough clients at the sessions in order to make it worth while on our part.
Payment Options – 1. Merchant account Here (put amount in blank box) 2. Check 3. Cash (please put in an envelope with your name on it)

Summer Slim Down Contest –
July 2nd will have a kick off meeting  and will be sending more information out soon. This is NOT going to be only for Get You In Shape clients and the goal is to get as many people doing it with you as possible to increase YOUR motivation.  So if you are looking for a challenge, want extra support, and also have the chance to win some great prizes, plan on coming to hear about it and bringing some folks with you.

2013 Get You In Shape Sprint Tri –
As stated in our Tip of the week, we will start our training soon for our 2nd Team Sprint Tri on September 9th. We had over 40 folks last year compete and hope to get more this year. It will be a free training for all those that are a client of Get You In Shape.

Other news and information
July Accountability Calendar Here.

Upcoming Dates
June 19th – Ending measurements/weigh in
June 21st – Pictures, Turn in your journals,
June 22nd – GYIS Community 5k @ 7am
June24-28 – GYIS Week off – Click Here -for information about our week’s off throughout the year. We will offer a few times that week for those wanting to working while we are “off)
July 1st – Start of July Session
July 2nd -Summer Slimdown Contest information meeting @7pm at the Linder’s home
July 3rd – No PM sessions due to Coppell Fireworks
July 4th – Coppell Parade – Please Join the GYIS Community by being in the Coppell parade. We invite families (children) to join us as it’s been a blast in years past.
July 13th and 20th – Saturday Sessions in July (7am and 8am)
July 27th – Monthly Community 5k

IF you focus on the results, you will never see change
If you focus on Change, you will always see RESULTS!

Let us know how we can help you!

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