Coppell Trainer Tip - What do You Push For? -

Coppell Trainer Tip – What do You Push For?


Apr 09

What do YOU Push For? Help us make a Difference in the lives of our military and veterans.

We are excited about our 3rd Annual Pushups For Charity Challenge.
Here is the basic 411:
1. 90 Seconds of Pushups for our military and veterans
2. Get You In Shape is part if 100 fitness businesses hosting
3. This is the 3rd Annual Event – Over $25,000 raised locally and over $300,000 raised nationally the previous two years.
4. Coppell is the home/host of the Boot Campaign this year.
5. The event will have Coppell Fire vs. Coppell Police vs. Coppell Average Joe’s (us)
6. There are nationa (see at ) and local awards given out to folks with the most money raised, most sponsors, and other fun awards.

Ways you can help! There are many ways you can help
1. Join our Team and PUSH for our military and veterans. You don’t have to be able to do 100 pushups or even 20 pushups. All you need is a willingness to want to help support a great cause – Here is the Team Sign Up Page.
2. Help us spread the news – We have some big goals to help raise more money than last year. We can’t do that without your help in sharing this event with the people you now in and around Coppell. Email, Facebook, and even helping pass out a few flyers to folks that are looking for some way to give back to our military and veterans. This is a perfect event and since it’s local, most people are more than willing to help in some way.
3. Get Your Company To Host a PUC Event. We also want to host this event at local companies and give companies a fun way to get motivated and also a way to give back. If you think your company may want to get involved, please reach out to us.
4. Make a donation – You can make a small or large donation to either the team as a whole, one of the trainers, or find a boot camp participant and make a donation for them.
5. Help us make it happen – We are going to need about 8-10 volunteers that can meet in the next week to help this event be successful. If that is you and you want to help use some of your talents, please let us know. It’s not going to be much work as it is just for helping make sure everything comes together.

More information about the event is on our page
Click Here for information about the event.

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