Coppell Trainer Spotlight of the Month – May 2017 – Breanna Webb -

Coppell Trainer Spotlight of the Month – May 2017 – Breanna Webb

Success Story

Apr 30

Breanna Webb is the Electronic Resources Management Librarian at Southern Methodist University and she lives in Coppell.

Q: What was your life like before joining the Get You In Shape Program?
Pre-GYIS I was decently active, but not consistently. I had previously done personal training one-on-one, but then the person I trained with moved out of state. Then it was mostly doing just cardio, typically with a walk/run regimen.

Q: Why did you decide to join the Get You In Shape program?
It started with a flyer I saw at Local Diner in Coppell with information about the A 24 Day Challenge. I dived in pretty quickly to that side of things and then was introduced to GYIS by Brad and Cynthia to complement the nutritional changes I was making with the nutritional products. I ended up actually joining because I was seeing more results with the activity than I was with just the nutrition side with some random activity thrown in every now and then.

Q: What was your first impression from the Get You In Shape program?
Since I had done personal training in a more intimate setting it took a little bit of getting used to the group atmosphere. I do remember feeling welcome at any session I went to. Having been somewhat active before joining helped me not feel like the workouts were going to make me die, BUT if I had been new to an active lifestyle I saw how any exercise could be tailored to meet the person where they were at.

Q: What have been some of the tools you have used that have benefited you?
Definitely the GYIS community, especially the Facebook group. It helps having others around, essentially whenever, to encourage or get ideas from. I’ve also loved the team contests, as it has allowed me to get to know group members even better and have accountability partners.

Q: How is the Get You In Shape program different from other programs you have tried before?
GYIS has an open arms feeling compared to other group exercise atmospheres I’ve been in. Other group classes I’ve done I didn’t feel as encouraged to be part of the group, whereas with GYIS there are many times where interacting with people in the same class is necessary for the circuit we are doing that day. I find GYIS unique in that no one is ever pushed past where they’re at skill level-wise into an uncomfortable/dangerous zone. On the same hand, everyone is pushed to do their best, which sometimes means a more difficult level of the activity to be able to make progress.

Q: What results and benefits have you experienced in the Get You In Shape Program?
One of the biggest benefits for me is how making GYIS a consistent part of my life has lessened my anxiety. It truly is Nature’s best medicine! It’s also helped me have clearer thought processing and definitely helps with a deeper sleep. I’ve been close to my goal weight since joining GYIS and have somewhat plateaued off and on. I’d lose a good amount and then gain it back. Usually gaining it back happened in tandem with me not making as many sessions/not making activity a higher priority. Through it all though I can tell the muscle I’ve gained and the strength/difficulty levels I’m hitting, and sometimes surpassing.

Q: What would you say to anyone looking at this program?
Like Nike says, Just Do It! Whether you slip in one toe at a time or jump in. No one is perfect and no one is trying to be perfect in this group. I love seeing the different skill levels represented at every class. I’d say that it’s another family to join. I love how much my circle has grown just by showing up for an hour (sometimes two if I want to double up to make up a class). I love that I can go to any of the class times and feel welcomed, especially when it’s not my normal class! I would tell anyone looking at this program that results are a guarantee just by showing up. It’s never boring and always keeps me engaged (especially my core ;))! I love that I don’t have to think about what I need to do to get an effective workout. I’d say that when you consistently make it to workouts that you’re guaranteed to have a full body workout by the end of the week.


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