Coppell Personal Trainer Tip - Use a journal to help with results -

Coppell Personal Trainer Tip – Use a journal to help with results


Apr 08

With the Get You In Shape Biggest Winner contest winners about to be unvailed on Friday, I wanted to share with the one glaring tip that everyone who lost weight, inches and got results did.
They used a journal to help keep them accountable, motivated, and on track of their goals.
They also shared their journal with their Get You In Shape coach.

So I thought this would be a quick tip that may help a few of you out NOW!
Three things you can start doing today
1. Sign up at . If you have used another app. before, we recommend this one and will begin only recommending this one as it is easy to use, share and it has helped many of the Get You In Shape participants already.
2. Start using it. It gives you all the tools you need to get started. If you have any trouble or need any help with it, there are FAQ’s and you can also reach out to Get You In Shape.
3. Turn your journal in or share your journal with one of the Get You In Shape trainer’s.
This is how you can stay accountable and also seek our help.

Here is some information from our previous tips about keeping a journal.

Keeping a food diary can double a person’s weight loss according to a study from Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research. The findings, from one of the largest and longest running weight loss maintenance trials ever conducted, will be published in the August issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

“The more food records people kept, the more weight they lost,” said lead author Jack Hollis Ph.D., a researcher at Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research in Portland, Ore. “Those who kept daily food records lost twice as much weight as those who kept no records. It seems that the simple act of writing down what you eat encourages people to consume fewer calories.”

In addition to keeping food diaries and turning them in at weekly support group meetings, participants were asked to follow a heart-healthy DASH (a Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low-fat or non-fat dairy, attend weekly group sessions and exercise at moderate intensity levels for at least 30 minutes a day. After six months, the average weight loss among the nearly 1,700 participants was approximately 13 pounds. More than two-thirds of the participants (69 percent) lost at least nine pounds, enough to reduce their health risks and qualify for the second phase of the study, which lasted 30 months and tested strategies for maintaining the weight loss.

Get You In Shape has helped many people with this simple method.
Two options you can use to start tracking your calorie intake.
1. Use a website or app – We recommend as it’s the best one we have found and has the most tools to allow us to help you. You can share it with Get You In Shape and we can help you make some changes or adjustments.
We recommend you turning it into us every two weeks for the first 90 days to help you stay accountable and to allow the personal trainers to help you.
2. Write your nutrition intake down – Get a small journal and write everything down yourself.

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