Coppell Personal Trainer - Private Memo 6-29-18 -

Coppell Personal Trainer – Private Memo 6-29-18


Jun 29
Before I get to the memo, the bottom of this has dates/events including next week.
As you know, we have been promoting our 5k for Coppell Special Olympics for the last 8 weeks. It’s upon us now as we had some great volunteers last night to stuff bags, we will have packet pick up today and the 1 mile fun run and 5k is tomorrow.
It’s not too late to come out and join us. Go to and hit register.
If you want to come out around 7am and help, I am sure Kathy can find a fun volunteer opportunity for you
Those of you who want to participate (walk, jog or run) can still participate if you want so just let Kathy know.
I know many of our generous clients have already given a donation. If that is you, THANK YOU. If you are not about to participate and would like to give a small (or large) donation to the Coppell Special Olympics, go to and hit the donate button.
Today is more about what can happen when you say YES to something.
It’s fitting that we are coming up on our 21-Day Meltdown as we had 5 people celebrate their one-year Anniversary with GYIS last week because they joined this program.
Four of those 5 came from a current client INVITING them to join our 21-Day Meltdown. Meaning one of our clients reached out to them and said, “I’d love for you to come join me for a few weeks and experience first hand why I look and feel better about myself.”
They did experience our program and the 21-Day Meltdown. And they just celebrating 1 Year with GYIS.
I can point out all of them but Julie Dunivan Madden joined after Lisa Johnson Dunham kept “bugging’ her.
Why? So That she could look and feel great for her 2 daughters weddings in the summer of 2018.
I know what Julie would say if I asked her “Has GYIS helped change her life?”
I can assume that if I asked all of them if their lives have been changed for the better because they joined 1 year ago that every one of them would say YES.
What about You?
My first YES for today is you saying YES to paying it forward and inviting your friends to join you in July for our upcoming 21-Day Meldown. You can read about it and send people to . I would encourage you to personally reach out to someone and invite them. Send them a text, call or meet them.
Having someone else join you during this tough month will help keep YOU motivated and give you extra accountability because now you are coaching a friend through their starting journey.
I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to know you played a roll in someone else changing the way they look and feel.
You have a chance to do that just by inviting someone to join you for 21-Days. From there, it’s our job to give them a great experience, help change their attitude and give them hope that they can truly live the lifestyle they desire.
Another incentive for them joining you besides the extra motivation and accountability is our referral rewards program. You can earn $100 for every friend that ends up joining one of our program options.
The second YES for today is mainly about how one YES can lead to many blessings and fruit.
As I was looking at past pictures of our 5k for Coppell Special Olympics it is truly amazing what has come with one simple YES.
I am a humble person and it’s crazy to think that Cynthia Gazzo Linder and I just were looking to raise some money for balls and jerseys 9 years ago.
We said YES to move forward with a 5k charity 5k to help them.
After this year, we will have raised over $80,000 for them in 9 years.
What did we do after we said YES?
We took the steps to move forward with a 5k.
We learned what we needed to do to run a 5k (no experience prior)
We reached out to people who had experience with 5k
We reached out for support to help us “pull it off”
We put time and effort into it to make it successful
To say Cynthia and I are responsible for the Coppell Special Olympics having yearly banquets for the athletes (they had never had an athlete banquet before because they did not have funds to do it), letter jackets now being given out (just like a normal high school athlete) and jerseys for every sport and practice facilities paid for would not be true.
We are responsible for saying YES and going through the process of following through with what we said YES to.
So now I want to flip that around to you.
What have you said YES to that you have not followed through with?
Or what do you need to say YES to?
I know this can be in any area of life so I would love to hear what your YES may be right now.
I will quickly get into the YES as it relates to what you recent health and fitness goals you wrote down.
By the way, if you have not done your goals and SO THAT’S in a while and they are not in front of you every day, you are most likely NOT getting the results you are looking for and are “coasting” along with no YES to move to.
As it relates to say YES to losing body fat, having more energy, getting more out of each day, being the best version of you, living the life God has called you to life, etc
The Yes includes
Saying YES to eating lean and clean
Saying YES to giving up unhealthy foods that are not helping you look, feel and perform better.
Saying YES to drinking more water
Saying YES and “following the darn instructions”
Saying YES and learning what you need to do lose body fat or have the energy you are wanting/needing.
Saying YES by reaching out and seeking help with folks that have more experience than you (that us )
Saying YES and actively getting a support and accountability team getting a support and an accountability team that you need to be consistent over time.(not just 4, 12, or 6 months)
Are you doing those?
If you want a fresh YES, our Lean and Clean Lifestyle Challenge Cynthia will be starting July 10th may be for you.
Go to to sign up.
If that’s not for you, hit reply or reach out to me and let me know how I can help you.
Jun 30th – Coppell 5K –
NEXT WEEK – GO here – for week off info.
Looks like we are offering the 5:30am & 6:30am next week.
If you signed up, please plan on coming
If you did not sign up, anyone can come to those two times. You can just bring $15/session or pay on the link above.
July Calendar –

For more information about the Coppell Fitness program and getting started, go to

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