Coppell Fitness Tip of the week - Mobility and Stretching -

Coppell Fitness Tip of the week – Mobility and Stretching


Aug 06

Coppell Personal Trainer and Fitness Tip of the week

We know the importance of stretching as it relates to injury prevention and recovery.
The more mobile and limber you are, the better your body is going to be able to move. The better your body can move, the more your body generally has to work in order to move.
The video above it just an example to help you remember to stretch during the down time that you are watching tv and/or playing with your child (ren).

So next time you are watching your tv or just watching your kid (s) play, get on the ground and do a few of the exercises.

Let’s take the squat as example. Let’s say you can only move your hips close to you knees when you go down in a squat because you are lacking some flexibility. After a few days, weeks, months, you can now move your hips about 6 inches further down in your squat.
If you are like most of the folks in our program, YOUR BODY HAS TO WORK HARDER BECAUSE THERE IS MORE DISTANCE TO MOVE. It is basic but true. Simple put, your body burns more calories if your can move a great distance in your squat (while keeping your form)

Here is another tip we did a while back that you can do at your home, at your work, or on the off-days before or after the workouts.

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