Coppell Fitness - Get You In Shape Client of the Month Meredith -

Coppell Fitness – Get You In Shape Client of the Month Meredith


Jul 09

Coppell Fitness – Get You In Shape Client of the Month – Meredith

Meredith  is a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation physician who works specifically on spine and musculoskeletal medicine. She is from here (McKinney) and there (Seattle).

 Meredith1She joined GYIS because “Ironically, I developed episodic low back pain and knew I needed to develop and maintain core strength to prevent future episodes.” Before joining, “ I never had a problem wanting to be active but was very bored with the more typical visit to the gym and knew it was time to get back to exercising after having 2 kids. I knew within 2 or 3 classes that I had found the answer to my exercise frustration…finally! Being a spine specialist, I also realized early on that the program was conscientious about proper mechanics and that it was well-balanced in terms of strength and cardio.”

 Meredith  has benefited most from the addition of Cardio Club, “ which came for meMeredith personally at just the right time in terms of my fitness. I realized I needed to step it up somehow and then here came KTC…  The best thing about Get You In Shape is knowing that if I go consistently, I will get a great workout of each body region, as well as progress my cardio, and that it will be done safely and at the appropriate progression.   There are other interval training-based programs out there that are unsafe and push clients too hard too soon. This leads to injury which ultimately leads to downtime and discouragement– I hear it every day from my patients. The program is also very encouraging no matter where you are in your fitness level or from where you have started.”

 “I lost 7 pounds in my first month of the Get you In Shape program and another 5 in my second month. After five months, I am down 25 pounds.”  I joined to improve my core strength and rid myself of back pain and I have noticed unbelievable improvement.  I started boot camp nearly 4 years ago and haven’t had back pain now for over 3 years.  I have lost probably 8 pounds or so but have improved my lean body mass significantly so I have decreased in size.  When I added Cardio Club, I was initially very tired during the day, but within 6 weeks or so that went away and now I have more energy than ever.  I sleep like a rock, too!  I have learned a great deal about core strengthening through this journey as well, which has helped me professionally in advising patients.” Her total cholesterol is 27 points lower, her LDL is 30 points lower and her resting heart rate is 15 points lower. “ So, KTC and being sore for 4 years has ( somehow?!) been good for me. Ha.”

Meredith would tell others that “Get You In Shape is a fantastic program. It is a full body exercise done the right way. It’s great to exercise outdoors. It’s fun, it’s safe and the trainers do a great job  designing workouts and motivating clients.

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