Coppell Fitness Boot Camp Tip and information for week #4 -

Coppell Fitness Boot Camp Tip and information for week #4


Sep 17

Trainer Tip of Week – Here is the tip . Use time as your excuse not eat healthy? Here is a great tip that will save you time and money.

5 Year Anniversary Giveaways

1. Group 24 Day Challenge Contest-  Here are more details and to secure a spot. Kick Off – Meetings Friday @ 7pm or Saturday at 11am – Sign up here

2. Advocare $50 giveawaysHere is the information about our giveaways. You DO NOT need to be in the Contest as this is for all Get You In Shape participants until October 19th. Please read the web page for information as it goes over everything.

3. Cash Referral Rewards Program – Read about it here. We did not get one person last week from this? We are trying to give away a lot of money to you guys so get on the phone, send out some emails and have your folks come out and try out program out for a week.  Details on how to get folks to sign up for a free week are on the referral rewards page here.

Cardio Club – Need a boost getting your off-day cardio in? Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30am and 6pm. Here is the Pricing and Discount Form if you are ready to get started. Next week will start our next Session so let us know if you would like to start.

October Calendar – Here is the Oct. Calendar. Please make note of the two time changes below on the Calendar.

Evening Workout Times –  We will be moving the 6pm session to 6:15pm as this is what the majority of campers wanted on the survey. We will be starting that September 24th.

12 PM Boot Camp – We will be starting the 12pm boot camp on September 24th (when the next 4 week boot camp starts).

Pictures from Summer 2012 – Here are pictures from Get You In Shape summer 2012

Workout this week – Here are the suggested workouts for this week.

Dates and Events Coming up
September 20thWomen of Strength @7pm at the Linder’s
September 21st – Measurements and Weigh In – Last day of camp
September 21st & 22nd – Group 24 Day Challenge Kick- Off Meeting
September 22nd – Monthly 5k at 8am. Everyone’s invited
September 24th-  Start of October Boot Camp

Here is the Dates and Events Page

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