Coppell Fitness Boot Camp - Tip, dates, and info for wk#4 -

Coppell Fitness Boot Camp – Tip, dates, and info for wk#4


Sep 16

Trainer Tip of the weekHere is the Tip – Making and setting goals!

Client and Rookie of the MonthClick Here – Get inspired, encouraged, and motivated

Arm Challenge – Click here for the Arm challenge information.

Workouts This week – M-W-F with us – Click Here for the off-day workouts. Saturdays monthly 5k is at 7am

October CalendarClick here

Upcoming Dates
September 8th – GYIS Sprint Tri and Client Party that afternoon/evening (everyone will be invited to come)
September 20th – Last Day Measurements/Pictures
September 21st – Monthly GYIS community 5k @ 7am
September 30-Oct  4th – 6 Year Contest Sign Up
October 1st – Next Group Nutrition 101
October 4th – Half way measurements
October 5h & 12th – Saturday sessions 7am & 8am
October 8th – 6 Year Nutrition Contest Meeting @7:30pm
October 18th – End of month Measurements/pictures
October 19th – Month 5k @7am
GYIS Yearly Calendar – Click here for 2013-2014 yearly dates.

Get Fit, Have Fun, Make a Difference

Remember – If you focus on results, you will never see change. If you focus on CHANGE, you will ALWAYS see RESULTS.

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