Coppell Boot Camp - Week #1 Off Day Cardio and WOD -

Coppell Boot Camp – Week #1 Off Day Cardio and WOD

Workout Of The Day

Jan 31

Remember to always warm up and cool down. You can also add some core work in the off-day cardio to get more time in.
To make you accountable – Post to Comments what you did!

Testing – Tabata’s (20 sec. exercise 10 sec rest for 8 rounds/4 min). Total Reps for Pullups, AbMats, AirSquats, & Push Ups

Tuesday – Since most of us will not be out the cold, we are going to program the off-day cardio workouts for working out inside
If at gym – 1 min slow, 1 min medium, 1 min fast for 30-45 minutes on any of the cardio equipment
If at home – 1 minute of jumping jacks 1 min. rest – Repeat for a total of 30 minutes. You can also look back at other weeks cardio clicking here

As Many Reps As Possible in 3 Minutes.
Overhead Squats (hold a broom or stick over your head and do a squat)
Click Here to see how to perform an overhead squat
Rest 2 Minutes
Burpees (Click here to see how to do a burpee)
Rest 2 minutes
That would be 10 Minutes. Repeat 3 rounds
Have a pen handy and write down your total reps each round. Comment on this blog the total reps you got for the 6 sets total.

If in Gym – 5-10 Minutes of warm up and Core exercises. 5 Minutes at Medium pace on 1 cardio equipment. Rest for 2 Minutes (STOP). 5 Minutes on another cardio machine at fast pace. Rest 3 Minutes (Stop). 10 Minutes at slow-medium pace on another cardio machine.
If in Home -5-10 Minutes of warm up and Core exercises.
1 min. Cliff Climbers – high knee raises along with riasing hands in the air. You can do this walking fast or jogging/running. Try bringing knees high every time and reaching high.
Rest 30-60 sec
1 min. Frog Jumps – Bend hips down and try to touch the ground with your fingers (keeping core tight), jump forward while bringing hips and arms up. Land and bring hips and arms back down before jumping backward and bring hips and arms back up again. Step forward and backward as an alternative to jumping
Rest for 30-60 sec
Repeat 2 exercises for 30 minutes

As Many Rounds as Possible in 10 minutes
15 Squat Jumps – pull hips back and explode up either on your toes or jumping.
15 Thrusters (click Here to see how to do thrusters)
15 Mountain Climbers – In plank position with your hands below your shoulders, bring one knee to your elbow. Bring leg back into the plank and switch legs. (do 30 total which would be 15 on each leg.
Core work and cardio work for 15-30 minutes based on what you want to do.

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Charles February 5, 2011

Dynamic Warmup
Core Training:
– 2 min pillar bridge
– 1 min dead bugs
– 1 min slow/fast bicycles
– 1 min superman w/15 sec holds
– waiter carries 1 min per side with 16KG KB
KB routine, weight is held throughout routine without putting down
– 10 KB swings per side
– 10 clean and press per side
– 10 windmills per side
– 10 overhead squats per side
3 times through routine using 12 KG KB

Stretching and cooldown

Diep February 4, 2011

It’s Friday! I did:
10 minutes of jump squats, thrusters, and mountain climbers (4 sets of 15 each)
15 minutes of core work
300 jumping jacks
90 seconds of push-ups

Charles February 4, 2011

Dynamic warmup
Week 1 Day two of the 100 Pushup program
– 5 sets of regular pushups, 54 total
– 15 Squat jumps
– 15 Thrusters (15 pound DBs, right on the edge of too much)
– 15 (30 total) Mountain Climbers
Done with 10 minutes on the timer (GymBoss). Completed 7 sets in a little over the 10 minutes.
Stretch & Cool down

Seemed like an easy day time-wise and number of exercises but we made some serious steam in the apartment breezeway.

Lorna February 4, 2011

Feb. 04,2011 9:41 pm
Did 10 regular push ups
90 sec rest
6 push ups 4-2-0
90se rest
6 regular push ups

7 sets of 15 squat jumps, thrusters and mountain climbers for 10 mins.

Ellie February 4, 2011

Took yesterday off….just could not get motivated with this weather!
Friday, copied Charles’ workout – THANKS CHARLES!!! Got my heart rate going and gave me a good sweat inside. Hoping to jog outside tomorrow in 40 degree weather!!!! It’ll feel like Spring!

Kathleen Purches February 4, 2011

BTW, Cynthia and Brad…love the banter!

Kathleen Purches February 4, 2011

Did the overhead squats and burpees Wednesday-300 squats, 95 burpees, with some core and cardio
Thursday – swim at aquatics center
Friday – 7 sets of squat jumps, thrusters, and mountain climbers with some core, arm work and cardio

READY to get back to boot camp, it is hard to do this in my house! Stay warm ๐Ÿ™‚

Polly C February 4, 2011

Squat Jumps: 3 sets of 30
Thrusters: I did these stepping up on a chair with a leg lift and shoulder press 2 sets of 30 (15 each leg), 1 set of 20 (10 each leg)
Hill Climbers: 1 min each; 70, 80, 75
Ab Circle: 6 min for a total of 300 rotations
Tricep Dips: usig my coffee table 3 sets of 20
Bicep curl: 5 lb weight slow 3 sets of 20
I get easily distracted at home doing exercise especially with the snow in the background, but still worked up a good sweat.
I hope those of you who get another day to stay home enjoy it…I have to work. Oh the joys of the restaurant biz..always working when everyone else is not!

Charles February 3, 2011

– Around the horn pillar bridges. Regular pillar, one side pillar, regular, other side, regular. Each for one minute consecutively.
– Slow bicycles – 1 min
– Reverse crunches โ€“ 1 min
– 3 sets of pull ups with bands

Cardio โ€“ each exercise one minute intervals:
– Cliff climbers, frog jumps, rest
– Cliff climbers, jumping jacks, rest
– Cliff climbers, running stairs, rest
– Cliff climbers, frog jumps, jumping jacks, rest
– Cliff climbers, frog jumps, jumping jacks, carioca stepovers, rest
– Cliff climbers, frog jumps, jumping jacks, carioca stepovers, rest
– Cliff climbers, frog jumps, jumping jacks, carioca stepovers, stairs, rest

Diep February 3, 2011

Despite being still a little sore, I did my workout today:
* 10 minutes of core exercises
* 30 minutes of cliff climbers & frog jumpers (10 1-min sets of each)
* 90 minutes of pushups
I have also been stretching as much as I can.

Jackie R February 3, 2011

For those of you who have mentioned calf soreness – I’m with ya! LOL!

Administrator February 3, 2011

Diep, you can try the cardio and add whatever you want. Like I mentioned, the key is doing something. So it’s good to hear you are working off some of that cabin fever. Brad

Charles February 3, 2011

Still going easy with the knee.
– 3 rounds of 3min overhead squats for 342 total
– Started day 1 of 100 pushup regimen, 52 total pushups in 5 sets

Jackie R February 3, 2011

James ~ You’ll come to love that sore feeling ~ a) it doesn’t stay that intense as you get stronger and lighter and b) you’ll know why you feel stiff instead of just feeling like crap for no good reason. At least that’s how it was for me. Sore is good – it means you worked hard. ๐Ÿ™‚ That said, don’t hurt yourself! ๐Ÿ™‚

Julie M February 3, 2011

OK, I’m back! (I think). Having a touch of something (flu/now fun cold), so I just took it really easy (lots of sleep) Monday – Wednesday. Today, I feel about 90% so Erin and I got after it and did yesterday’s WOD. Specifics:
Warm up
10 minutes core work (no rest)
WOD results:

199 Overhead Squats
9 minutes Total hard/full out cardio (in lieu of Burpees)

186 Overhead Squats (using a 12 lb body bar for as long as I could)
104 Burpees (no lungs from the cold, these were tough)

I hope to feel even better tomorrow to push myself a bit harder so I make up for lost time. Can’t wait to see everyone on Monday!

Caron February 3, 2011

Did Tuesday’s jumping jacks and Wednesday’s squats & burpees (who came up with that name, kinda funny). Boy, are those things harder than I thought! Reps:
Squats = 151
Burpees = only 49 ๐Ÿ™ I did a combination of the easy/progression
I don’t know about anyone else but my calves are sooooo sore!! I’m hobbling around my house like an old lady ๐Ÿ™‚ pretty funny.
Don’t think I can do anything today that requires exercising my legs. Maybe today I will do core stuff.
I have been watching my diet and drinking alot of water. Also, exercising the art of patience..3 kids home from school and arguing like crazy. Come on sun, melt that ice!!!!

Diep February 3, 2011

Since it is still icy outside, I did my WOD cardio here at home, with my husband and 2 little sons. Can you say cabin fever? My workout was:

Tuesday – 30 minutes of jumping jacks
Wednesday – 30 minutes of overhead squats and burpees

These are exercises I am not used to doing when I go to the gym. So my calves are really sore. I’ve been stretching, using my foam rollers, and drinking lots and lots of water (between 64-96 ounces per day). I’m walking around like an old lady, so my husband says. I was wondering if I should continue my WOD cardio or rest up my calves? Should I just concentrate on just upper body?

Pat February 3, 2011

– Upper body and arms: Removed wallpaper and sanded entry way walls.
– Cardio: Walked to grocery store.


Asheeta February 3, 2011

2/2 (Wednesday)
Squats ~ 255
Burpees ~ 88 (umm, yeah ~ need to work on upper body strength for sure!)

At work today (2/3) so will try & get my cardio in after work…. Does slipping & sliding on a walk with my dog count instead ๐Ÿ™‚

Polly C February 3, 2011

I only had about 40 min this morning to squeeze in my workout before going to work, but did the recommended cardio for today: 10 min of core warm up (3 sets each of leg lifts, and side to sides with 10 lb weight) Then did 5 min medium on stationary bike, 5 min fast on elliptical, and 11 min mile on treadmill.

Bill K February 2, 2011

Resting my still swollen knee. Ortho said surgery not needed right now. YES! He also said running is not needed right now, waaah.
Workout: 3 sets biceps, triceps, shoulder press, rows with 20 lbs. Performed as 3 supersets. Last set was to exhaustion.

Administrator February 2, 2011

Great Posts Everyone! Remember that anything is better than nothing and the next three weeks we will get in 13 boot camp sessions. Make sure you let us know what you did as this will help others possibly get some motivation to do their own workout

Lisa Natale February 2, 2011

The last 3 days have been an exercise FAIL for me. But been eating healthy and started the 24 day challenge yesterday. Feel great about that. Hoping for a 10 pound loss like my last 24 day challenge. That will put me back to my goal weight. Hoping to make up for lost time and begin the workouts tomorrow thru the rest of the week.

Polly C February 2, 2011

Work closed early today, so I did my exercise while watching the Mavs game. Squats: 204, Burpees or Up-Downs: These are very challenging; I did 20 regular then modified using a step stool (11″ off ground) for anoter 158. I didn’t have anything lower in my apt to modify this with, next time in gym I can use an aerobics step, hope that’s ok! Then I did some core work: 300 rotations on my Ab Circle Pro (about 6 min nonstop), 3 sets of Planks (30 sec each), and bicycles (60).

Mary B February 2, 2011

Tuesday 2 hrs outside shoveling ice, but stayed warm even in 20 degree weather–that’s how I knew it counts as cardio>
Wed did the workout of the day –total of 250 of the squats and burpees.

Lorna February 2, 2011

Wed- 02/02/2011
30 push ups,
1 min. 1-2-3 knee up
86 air squats
1 min. slow/fast bicycles
1 min. glute bridges
1 min. superman
1 min mt.climbers with val slides
1 min side lunges with val slides
1 min rear lunges with val slides
Not much but something that made me move…

Beccy February 2, 2011

Worked from home and got bored so I went outside, fed the birds and chopped up the ice on my driveway so I can get out tomorrow and go to the gym. My driveway goes down hill toward the garage door—really worked up a sweat!

I know—I am a slacker!

Jennifer February 2, 2011

288 reps for me.

Toni February 2, 2011

1/31 Monday – Started Boot Camp & Back to Yoga which I’d been remiss in doing for 4 mo. Upper Body sore from 5:30 am workout, Lower Body sore from 10:45 yoga and my core is screaming from both!

2/1 Tuesday โ€“ Trapped inside with 4 kiddos that did not go to school today! Plans for cardio workout at YMCA are completely foiled by ice and kids! YMCA I know you are so close, but sorry not about to risk my life on the iceโ€ฆgot too many people counting on me. But hey, is running up and down the stairs to break up sibling rifts, put away laundry, bringing down laundry, putting baby down for nap considered cardio? I havenโ€™t had much time to set down. Man do I need one of those BodyBugs, Iโ€™d love to know how much energy I burn being a stay at home mom of 4.

2/2 Wednesday โ€“ Oh, myโ€ฆanother day with husband working from home, 4 kids and a cat stuck in the house. Never mind the workout today is just NOT happening! Trying not to lose my patience with the 4 kids being cooped up and cagy!

Watching my diet a little more carefully, taking my vitamins, trying to keep my caffeine intake way down and to watch my fluid intake. My muscles are sore and they seem to be recovering some. Glad to know that after 4 kids there are some core muscles screaming to be let out under the baby fat! Gives me hopeโ€ฆ

Jackie R February 2, 2011

From Tuesday’s Cardio: The repetitive jumping jacks were good. I didn’t rest as long between sets because I was getting bored waiting for my minute to pass.

Heather February 2, 2011

I did the overhead squats and burpees today. Yesterday I did the jumping jacks.

Ellie February 2, 2011

ANSWER for CABIN FEVER!!!! Squats and Burpees. OMG!!
Squats – 312
Burpees – 119

Suzy February 2, 2011

301 reps for me.

Najah February 2, 2011

Oh and a small core workout…I am proud that I did it on my own! ๐Ÿ™‚

Najah February 2, 2011

I did the 6 sets of burpees and overhead squats (yes I took a broom to my apartment gym..can you imagine the looks LOL). I did a total of 299 on the reps and then an extra 10 minutes of slow, med, fast on elliptical.

Chiffon February 2, 2011

i did a one hout Jillian dvd it had lots of cardio and tough muscle work

Brenda February 2, 2011

I was sore Tuesday morning and knew that I needed to workout, so I went to the apt. Gym got on the treadmill . Doing slow med fast for 35 min. Today I did one of the biggest loser cardio workouts . I’m also planing to do today’s workout .

Amanda February 2, 2011

I did 6 miles of 1 minute intervals on the treadmill yesterday afternoon.

Karen February 2, 2011

3 miles on the treadmill yesterday. Set up the treadmill in my garage so I stayed pretty cool during my workout. This morning I did cardio circuits followed by some core and upper body exercises to keep my heart rate up. Feeling pretty tired this afternoon but glad I got all of my workouts done so far this week!

Administrator February 2, 2011

James, know that the soreness will go away. I am sure some of the campers that went through what you may have gone through these first few days can give you some light. Brad

Deborah February 2, 2011

I did the fast,medium and slow on the treadmill both yesterday and today. Then yesterday did an extra 3 miles medium walking. Today only did 1.5 extra walking.

Administrator February 2, 2011

Dear Administrator, I already took a shower so it is too late.

James February 2, 2011

After the first real day of exercising in a long long while on Monday, my workout for Tuesday was stretching a little and managing to actually get out of bed. What have you people done to me?!?!?! Why, why I say does this hurt so badly!!! I tried to do some imaginary jump rope but the screams of agony woke up the neighbors.

For Wednesday I will be stretching some more and doing cardio with my stone-age stairmaster (aka, the first step of my stairs).

I have continued with better eating, drinking more water, and continue to be an ex-smoker.

Administrator February 2, 2011

Cynthia, It’s only 3:00pm you have plenty of time left in the day.

Administrator February 2, 2011

Well, my workout was navigating the icy roads ๐Ÿ™ So very impressed with everyone’s posts. Keep it up, Boot Campers!!!!!!! Cynthia Linder

Najah February 2, 2011

I did 40 minutes of slow, medium, and fast on treadmill…my fast was at 8.0! I am so excited because that is the fastest I have ever ran. I was extremely tired after only one minute but kept pushing. I know I will improve!!

Asheeta February 2, 2011

(For Tuesday) ~ decided to use my clothes hanger (oops, I mean treadmill) for 45 minutes with the Slow-Medium-Fast combo & then ab exercises (plans, bicycle, superman) for about 10 minutes.
WIll post when I get today’s exercises done after work….
Be safe driving out there!

Polly C February 1, 2011

I went to the fitnes center at my apartment complex today: Did 3 sets of 15 each seated row, chest press, bicep curl, and tricep pull down, and 10 min of core work. Then I ran 40 min on the treadmill rotating slow, med, fast. I picked up my 24 day challenge products yesterday, so I’m ready to go with that, but won’t be able to come to meeting next week because of work.
Hoping for another snow day tomorrow! ๐Ÿ™‚

Charles February 1, 2011

With my bum knee and still trying to rest it, I opted for a strength circuit:
– TRX for rowing superset with 12KG KB shoulder press
– Pushups to exhaustion for one set, negatives for 1 min on the second and 4-2-0 pushups for 1 min
– Y,T,L,W with 3# concentrating on shoulder activation at the start of the movement
– 1 min pillar bridge passing weight across the body, toe touches with weight, and medicine ball twists to finish

Alicia M. February 1, 2011

I was surprised how much jumping jacks could get my heart rate up! Today was the first time I’ve done the off day cardio from the website. And I’m glad I did! Way too cold to get outside today for a run.

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