Burpee Challenge - Get You In Shape -

Burpee Challenge – Get You In Shape


Jul 23

Burpee Challenge – Get You In Shape
Starts July 29th    Watch the VIDEO!

Everyone loves a little challenge!
The 30 Burpee Challenge is just that! A great way to stay motivated by following a 30 Day program and sticking to itBurpeeChallenge

Step #1 Watch the Video above and pick a reward for completing the challenge.
The reward can be something like new running shoes, a new dress (because you should be a size smaller), or new workout clothes.
Step #3 Start Date is July 29th (first day of August session)
Step #4   Find a partner (or a few) and hold each other accountable each day.
Step #5   Post to the GYIS VIP page how many you did to keep yourself (and partner accountable). This makes it a little funner
Step #6  Reward yourself with the prize or gift for completing the Challenge. Then share what you earned with the GYIS community.

A few tips:
1. You can complete your burpees all at once or throughout the day. You can stay after the session and complete the reps with you partner.
2. We will be including some burpees at the fitness sessions throughout the month so they will count as reps. You will be counting, though 🙂

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