Boot Camp Workouts and Off-Day Cardio - March Week #1 -

Boot Camp Workouts and Off-Day Cardio – March Week #1

Workout Of The Day

Feb 28

Remember to post below if you need to hold yourself accountable to the Off-Day Cardio


Run to a point and back
Summo squat w/ball overhead
Push Ups
Dead Bug (or rest)

5 Min. warm up streches
1 Min on each Pillar Bridge,  SuperMan, AirSquat, and PushUps
Cardio – 1 Min Slow, 1 Medium, 1 min Fast 10-15 sets (1 set is 3 minutes)
10 Min Stretch

3 or 4 Rounds for Time at Pavilion: Any order
•  Run to bridge and back (or softball circle if dark)
alternate: Fast walk around pavilion
•  15/10/5 Wall Balls
•  15/10/5 Push ups (go over various levels)

5 Min Stretch
hold in bottom of Sqaut for 2 min (Click Here for video)
Sprints – This can be your fast pace (whatever that is for you)
Find about 50-60 yards and go.
Do 5 resting only 30 seconds in between
Do another 5 resting 45 sec in between
Go for 30 min
8-10 Min cool down stretching

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