Boot Camp Workout of the Day - Week #2 of Feb. Coppell Fitness Camp -

Boot Camp Workout of the Day – Week #2 of Feb. Coppell Fitness Camp

Workout Of The Day

Feb 07

Boot Camp Workout of the Day and off-day Cardio. Remember to always warm up and cool down. You can also add some core work in the off-day cardio to get more time in.To make you accountable – Post to Comments what you did

Ivette Rosinski shows us how the overhead lunge with the pvc pipe is done.

Workout of the Day
4 Rounds for Time
10 or 5 Push ups
15 or 10 Dead Lifts (Review Form!)
20  or 15 Air Squats
25 or 20 Sit ups
Post time below

You will need a stop watch for this one. Since the weather should be not too bad today, I thought we could all do this one.
1 min slow or rest/1 min off 1 min on
50 sec off 1 min on
40 sec off 1 min on
30 sec off 1 min on
20 sec off 1 min on
10 sec off then go back up the ladder until you finish with 1 min on, 50 sec off, 1 min on
This is fair quick so those of you who want to do more just do more cardio at slow – medium pace for however much longer you need. Post how it was or just that you completed it below.

If inside
Cardio Sets – Jumping Jacks, Jump Rope in Place (with or Without jump rope), side to side (jumping or steping), front to back (jumping or running ) touch the ceiling.
With your timer try completing each exercise 30 seconds each and rest 30-60 sec between sets. Complete 30-45 total minutes. Post what you did below after you are finished.

Try to complete 2 or 3 miles. Does not matter how long it takes you but time yourself so that the next time you do the same workout, you will see if you progressed.

If inside-  30 seconds on 30 seconds rest
Marching in place or high knee jogging – bring knee up and move arms as if running
Jump and punch – Jumps (or Step)side to side and twist and punch with opposite hand from the direction you are jumping to.
Plank – just hold your body in the plank position – hands over your shoulders with core enganged on toes or knees.
1-2-3 inside knew – move side to side and bring your inside knee in before going to the other side.
Log Jumps – find something in your house and jump over it back and forth as if you were jumping over a log.
Defensive Slides – Stay low, don’t bring your feet together, not a race, keep core engaged, bend at hips not back.
That is 6 minutes of work. Rest 3 minutes and start back. Complete 4-6 sets.

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Charles February 10, 2011

8 exercises for 45 second intervals with one 45 second rest to finish:
– Jumping Jacks (45 sec)
– Jump rope (45 sec)
– Side 2 side (45 sec)
– Front 2 back (45 sec)
– Touch the sky (45 sec)
– 1*2*3 knee-up (45 sec)
– Carioca stepovers (45 sec)
– Mummers (45 sec)
– Rest (45 sec)
5 sets for 30 minutes total work

Stretching and cooldown

6 Exercises for 1 minute each and 1 minute rest:
– High knees jogging in place (1 min)
– Jump & punch (1 min)
– Plank (1 min)
– 1*2*3 knee-up
– Alternate Log jumps and carioca stepovers (1 min)
– Defensive slide (1 min)
– Rest
5 sets for 30 minutes total work

Stretching and cooldown

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