Boot Camp Tip of the Week - How to make the Workouts Tougher -

Boot Camp Tip of the Week – How to make the Workouts Tougher


Dec 12

5 Quick Tips to Increase Your Intensity

 Many boot campers ask what they should do outside of boot camp to get the results they desire. But have you thought about what you can do while you are in boot camp to get the most out your workout? Increasing your intensity will step up the effectiveness of your workout and help you maximize results. Here are some quick suggestions to help you gain strength and burn more calories during your Get You In Shape  boot camp session.

  1. 1.   Push yourself to the next level. It is up to you to push yourself to do more than you did last session, or last week, or last month. Don’t fall into the habit of just going through the motion or performing at the same level over and over. The trainers explain how to perform many exercises at a higher intensity level. As soon as you become comfortable at the first level, challenge yourself to move up to the next level. Continue to progress as your skill and fitness level increase.
  2. Heavier weight. Your muscles adapt to the load and intensity level that you demand of them. Increasing the weight that you lift will put more demand on your muscles and increase your overall volume. It is best to start with lighter weights when you are beginning and learning proper form.
  3. Pair up with someone who is working at a level above you or with someone you don’t know. It is natural to partner with someone whom you believe is at your same fitness level. However, working out with someone more advanced may inspire you to work at a higher intensity level. In the Workout of the Day, try to create teams with varying skill levels. During the mile run, try to pace yourself with someone who runs at a slightly faster pace.
    You are also more likely to push yourself harder if you are paired up with someone new or someone who you don’t know. It will not only help get you out of your comfort level but also help push up harder since you are performing the workout with someone you don’t know very well. You are more likely to naturally want to work harder to impress the person you are partnered up with.
  4. Keep moving. If you arrive for class early, take a quick jog down to the bridge as a warm up. If you finish a segment before others, do another round instead of waiting for others to catch up. During optional rest periods, jog or march in place.
  5. Stay focused. The social aspect of a group class has its benefits but try to avoid getting distracted during the workout. Stay focused on the exercise, pay attention to the cues from the trainers, and concentrate on the muscles you are working. During breaks and cool down are the best times to catch up with your friends.
  6. Jog in Place while we explain the WOD – Explaining the Workout of the Day is important because we want to make sure you know the movement of the exercises so you focus on the right way to perform each particular exercise which will help you burn the most calories and also prevent injury. We understand this does take 3-5 minutes so if you are looking to do more, we suggest you jog in place as we go over the WOD. We do suggest you pay attention to the details of the exercises as you jog in place but you can get keep your heart rate elevated while doing so and it will help you get more out of the workout.

As you increase your intensity, remember to maintain proper form and work within your fitness ability. If you find that you are sacrificing form, back down a level until you master the exercise.

Written by Julie Smith and Brad Linder

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Chaney December 13, 2011

Great tip. thanks Brad and Julie.

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