30 Day Challenge – Beach Body Ready May ’17 -

30 Day Challenge – Beach Body Ready May ’17


Apr 27

30 Day Beach Body Challenge- It’s time to get ready for the next 30 day challenge!

Step #1 – Watch Video above
Step #2 – Download and print the FREE PDF  or FREE JPG
Step #3 – Participate with us starting May 1st

These challenges are designed to be above and beyond your workout but you can do this as a stand alone workout if you are just getting started. Go at your own pace and listen to your body. If you can’t do it all, do fewer reps or break them up throughout the day. If it is not challenging enough increase the rep count. You can start the challenge on any day that you want.

EXERCISES are explained in the video above, but if you want to add some variations to keep it fresh throughout the month, watch the videos below.  Glute Bridges – you can add a weight or you can do a leg extension, march them, leg up to the sky or golden gate.  Deadlifts – you can do single leg.  Jumping Jacks – stepping jacks, wacky jacks, split jacks, squat jacks, star jacks, etc.  Plank – can be done from knees or toes.  Can do twisting planks, plank jacks, hip dips, arm pass through, leg pass through, shoulder tap, side plank, plank to pillar (forearms), single arm lift, single leg lift, etc.


Glute Bridge

Dead Lifts



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