You Need A 7-Day Kickstart -

You Need A 7-Day Kickstart


Apr 05

You’ve heard the age old phrase, no pain no gain. Starting or restarting a workout routine that not only helps you physically but mentally take time to get working in motion. After all, it’s called a routine. It’s almost like riding a bike, even quite literally if your routine is an elliptical machine. At Get You In Shape, we want to reach you where you are in your workout threshold. That’s why our CEO, Brad Linder, has meticulously assembled this perfect 7-Day Kickstart Program to make sure we provide the encouragement and support you need to GET YOU IN SHAPE, and stay in shape!

The Journey Begins

First we want to ask you a couple of questions: do you need some encouragement to jumpstart your workout routine? Do you struggle to exercise, eat healthy, and sleep well? How about making healthier life choices for yourself, and even your family? Perhaps it’s time to make a change? If you answered YES to any of these questions then the 7-Day Kickstart program has been tailored for you! To form a habit it takes roughly an average of 18 days, depending on the person. With Kickstart we’re along the way with you for 7 of those days, and then continuing to move forward should you choose to keep Get You In Shape on your workout journey.

Every day with the 7-Day Kickstart program is filled with a steady yet challenging workout routine, with words of encouragement and take-away recipes that you can try at home. The approach is simply really, provide people with a risk-free no-obligation plan that gives them the boost they need to start living towards a healthier lifestyle. Brad works with each individual client to assess what’s best for them and how demanding their program will need to be. However, the 7-Day Kickstart isn’t a one and done program but a new adventure that is tailored to you.

Here’s How It Work

What better day to start than the beginning of a week – Monday! The Get You In Shape 7-Day Kickstart picks up as soon as you fill out the online digital form. Visit and sign up to officially kick off your 7 days. Complete the form whether you are on a computer or mobile device. Each day will include a super-short lesson and a mini-challenge. The challenges stack through the week so that at the end of the week, you’re feeling brighter, higher-energy, and excited to keep going!

From day 1 all the way to day 7, you’ll be receiving worthwhile and knowledgeable information that gives you small victories in your new workout journey.

Real People, Real Results

Finally, here are a few words from real people who have tried the 7-Day Kickstart and become a part of the Get You In Shape Family:

“Before starting, I was tired of allowing my circumstances to control my life. I was taking care of everything and everyone other than myself. I felt terrible, had no energy and didn’t sleep. This program has CHANGED MY LIFE. I have lost 90+ pounds, sleep like a baby and feel ALIVE again for the first time in a long time.” – Rhonda Shaw

“After having my last baby I needed help getting a jump start back. This program was easy to follow as a busy mom and it gave me the results I wanted in just a few short weeks. I lost 10 pounds in the first 4 weeks and a total of 23 pounds in 10 Weeks. 13.86% Body weight lost and 21 inches.” – Kimberly Johnson

“It took me over 60 years….but I’ve lost weight, gotten healthy again and feel better than I have in years! I never would have imagined sticking to any program but I drank the kool aid and it’s pretty darn good. I’m down over 50 pounds and have stuck to it over 4 years now.” – Billy Faight

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