Workouts for Week #1 -

Workouts for Week #1

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May 02

Boot Camp Workouts Week #1 in May
Remember to get in 5-10 minutes of warm-up and cool down with each workout

– Boot Camp
Tuesday – 30 seconds slow and 30 seconds at 85%-90%. You can do this running. If you at a gym, you can do it on different cardio equipment. If you have a bike you can do it on your bike. 30-45 Minutes.
Wednesday – Boot Camp
Thursday – 1 Minute each of Pillar Bridges, SuperMan, Side Pillar Bridges, SuperMan, Slow Bicycles
4 Minutes in slow
5 Minutes in Medium
1 Minute Hard
Repeat 3-4 times
Friday boot camp

Saturday 3.1 Miles how ever long it takes you. Come out and walk/jog/run the Coppell5k with us. Info is at