WOD - Pullups, Pushups, and Cardio groups of 4 -

WOD – Pullups, Pushups, and Cardio groups of 4

Workout Of The Day

Aug 11

Groups of 4 for 15 Minutes   Who was in your group and total count

1. Run to Pavilion do 15 alt step ups
2. Pull Ups with Equalizer
3. Push Ups
4. REST/Jog in place

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Linda August 12, 2010

Carla, Linda, Jim, & Tom – 6 p.m. class – 439

Administrator August 12, 2010

Great workout today! It was tough but you all made it through!

Chiffon August 12, 2010

our team did 385 and the heat was brutal

Pat August 12, 2010

Susan, Liz, Gray and Pat – 530

Michelle August 11, 2010

Julie, Sharon, Michelle, Angela and Jason- 377
Yikes! I hope thats the right #? I remember hearing ours would be lower because our class did less time or something like that?? Sorry guys if its wrong please update if so. Thx!

elisabeth August 11, 2010

Good job, group, on a muggy day! 647
Kathleen, Fred, Lotta, Brandon, and Elisabeth

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