Why Nutritional Supplement? -

Why Nutritional Supplement?


Dec 19

Nutritional Supplements

Why Supplements?
To look and feel good, you need a well-balanced diet and regular exercise. Studies suggest that the average American diet simply does not include all that is needed to ensure enough vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients for a healthy life. There are many reasons why our bodies do not get all the nutrients it needs just from the foods we consume. Some reasons include poor digestion, processed foods, stress, crop nutrient-loss, smoking, alcohol, overcooking, and food allergies. Adding multivitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants in the form of supplements helps ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs for optimal health. Supplementation, in conjunction with a healthy diet exercise, can have a dramatic impact on your health and wellness.

Why Advocare?
Advocare Supplements are the most advanced nutritional supplements available. AdvoCare can help deliver the nutrients frequently missing from the diet, and along with a healthy lifestyle, can support a lifetime of optimal wellness. Whether you’re looking for a way to lose weight, gain energy or maintain proper nutrition, AdvoCare Supplements has what you’re looking for. Safety is the first consideration for every AdvoCare product. Each product is backed by more than 250 years of combined experience and expertise from the Scientific & Medical Advisory Board. Furthermore, the Advocare products offer a unique, comprehensive solution to your nutritional needs. The formulations are designed with the most effective combination of nutrients that are easily absorbed into the body. AdvoCare also maintains the highest standards of manufacturing and scientific integrity.

They Work!!!

Thousands of people just like you choose AdvoCare products because they work. World-class professional athletes, strength coaches and trainers endorse them. Some of the endorsers include NLF Player of the year Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints, NLF Running backs Julius and Thomas Jones, Grammy-winning recording artist Michael W. Smith. There are over 150 endorsers who take AdvoCare and are non-paid endorsers. Amateur athletes and weekend warriors have achieved amazing results with them.

Please feel free to look and read about the products. GetYouInShape.com has helped custom design many nutritional programs that are individually designed to produce results.

What are some reasons we need to add multi-vitamins to our diet?

There are many studies which point out the benefits of what vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants do to our bodies. Vitamins help store and release energy, maintain your bones, blood, and nerves. They also help you to digest food, protect in heart disease, cancer, and other diseases that come along with aging. Minerals control the actions of certain hormones and enzymes in your body and provide the raw materials your body needs to build and maintain body parts. Antioxidants protect the body against cell damage as well as also reducing the risk of certain forms of cancer. So they are the foundation to a healthy body. Getting core nutrition helps your immune system, bones, and helps your body fight free radicals. The human body has trillions of cells that are replaced regularly. So we need to provide our bodies with the needed nutrients to replace each of the cells on a daily basis. Our bodies need approximately fifty or more nutrients in order to maintain good health.

USDA statistics show the average American diet is significantly lacking in the essential minerals needed for energy production, protection from free radical damage, and other vital functions.

Only 12% of Americans age 45-64 regularly consume what is considered to be a healthy diet. The National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey.

What are some of the reasons that our bodies do not get all the nutrients it needs just from the foods we consume?

  1. The farming techniques have changed drastically, so the vitamin and nutrient content of the crops has also changed.
  2. Vitamins and other nutrients are also lost when storing, drying, freezing, and processing foods. Many of today’s foods are processed with extra ingredients, compared to food in the past including preservatives, coloring agents, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and chemical residues from various packaging and cleaning procedures. These multiple ingredients may complicate digestion and increase the risk of allergic reaction.
  3. Another reason is that we simply do not eat the right foods. Our diets are dominated by high refined and processed foods that are stripped of the natural, healthy benefits they once had.
  4. The portion sizes we eat is another reason why we can’t get what we need by diet alone. Portion sizes have increased 30% to 40% during the past 20 years.
  5. We also eat too fast and do not chew our food thoroughly, which contribute to loss of nutrients our body absorbs.

Adding multivitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants in the form of nutritional supplements helps ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs for optimal health. It is important that you get a quality nutritional supplement because the FDA does not regulate the industry. Adding nutritional supplements does not give you the right to go out and eat terrible foods. Nutritional supplements provide a good foundation for a healthier life when combined with a proper diet and regular exercise. It is important to know that the USDA does not regulate supplements. This means that any supplement company can put whatever on the ingredients and you really do not know what you are getting. Many companies make cheap products that do not even get absorbed in the body. Make sure you research the product that you are buying and make sure there is science behind what you are putting in your body. As the case with many things you buy, you get what you pay for. You do not put cheap oil into your car do you?? Then make sure you find a quality nutritional supplement.

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