"Where Are They Now" Spotlight – June 2018 – Dan Welty -

“Where Are They Now” Spotlight – June 2018 – Dan Welty


May 24

Dan Welty is an entrepreneur— He owns two businesses, one is IT services, the other is a VOIP telephone service company. He lives in Coppell and started GYIS in May of 2009.

Q: What was your life like before joining the Get You In Shape Program?
I have always been active…I started running in my early 20s and regularly ran 10Ks, halves, and a few marathons. To cross train, I tried to go to the gym and lift weights, but was pretty inconsistent at it. Then after a knee scope in 2005, I switched from running to mountain biking. I discovered it took a whole new set of muscles and fitness, and started looking for something to build my core, strengthen my arms and give me more endurance. Chaney urged me to get into Boot Camp and that’s what got me started.

Q: What results and benefits did you initially experience with the Get You In Shape Program?
I didn’t lose a lot of weight or inches (also didn’t gain many inches) with boot camp, but discovered several areas where I was pretty weak. As I said, I felt like I was athletic and strong from running and working out, but discovered I had little flexibility and almost no upper body strength and a pretty weak core. My progress seemed slow at first, but I began to notice when I mountain biked that I had more endurance and core strength which is necessary for climbing hills. And over a period of time, my endurance began to build as well.

Q: What results and benefits you accomplished since that first year?
I’m proud that I show up every morning! I’m coming up on my 10th year anniversary, and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. There are some areas that I’ve made huge improvements (core and upper body) and slowed way down in other areas. I’ve had some knee problems this past year (not related to boot camp, more to old age!) so I don’t jump or run nearly as much as I used to. But I am proud to say I ran a 7:41 mile after my 66th birthday. And I continue to gain strength and endurance in my mountain biking. I can ride faster and further and continue to improve in climbing, cornering, jumping and all the other areas that make mountain biking such a blast.

Q: How is the Get You In Shape program different from other programs you have tried before?
There is no question the accountability and community element of boot camp is a huge motivator for me. Chaney and Bart, Julie and Chuck…and on and on. The list of people I consider friends from boot camp is very long. Great to know I can always count on a smile and encouraging word when I show up at 5:30 somewhere three mornings a week. If I don’t show up to see my friends, I feel like I’ve let them down. Plus, I like the different workouts. And as long as I continue to get results, I’m not going to stop. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Q: What do you feel have been some of the keys that have helped you throughout the journey?
Brad works really hard to keep in communication with his members, come up with new programs, provide new training opportunities and keep us on track with nutrition and supplements. No question he is committed to his members. That’s a big thing. I also think the coaching staff has always been incredible. They show incredible dedication by showing up rain or shine, and are always encouraging.










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More information about Get You In Shape at www.getyouinshape.com

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