What have you done this week? -

What have you done this week?


Jul 01

Let us know what exercise and workouts you have or have not done this week. Stay accountable to what you have done  (or have  not done).
See you guys soon!

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Indira July 5, 2010

Just what my doctor ordered: “Rest”. Unfortunately I hurt my back a week ago, so I just wanted to go easy this week, and get ready for July!

elisabeth July 3, 2010

Thanks to Cheney and Julie we had great classes on Mon. and Wed. of the week off!

Jenna C July 2, 2010

I’ve completed about 12 miles of cardio this week and added in some arm work (including push ups!!) yesterday.

Gray July 1, 2010

Ran 3.4 miles on Tuesday…. not a good week 🙁

Najah July 1, 2010

I have been following the layout that was sent to us through email. Did the BC on M and W and the cardio in between (t/th).

Lise-Lott Meyer July 1, 2010

I did BC Mon and Wed and Sunday I did a 1hr and 50 min fast biking in the heat.
Tuesday 60 min on the eliptical. And of coarse all the dog walks with our big dog.

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