Weight Loss Secrets Revealed - What is the sectret to Weight Loss? -

Weight Loss Secrets Revealed – What is the sectret to Weight Loss?


Apr 28

So, what’s the secret to fast weight loss?  Really, there’s not a secret, we simply need to burn more calories than we eat.  WebMD suggests creating a 500 calorie deficit per day through a combination of eating fewer calories and increasing physical activity to achieve a 1-2 pound fat loss per week.

Additional tips from industry experts highlight ways to help drive more rapid weight loss results:

·          Don’t skip meals!  Maintain  your blood sugar and moderate your hunger, by eating 6-8 smaller meals/snacks a day

·          Eat enough lean protein and distribute it evenly through your meals to minimize muscle loss and maximize fat loss.

·          Eat plenty of low-calorie veggies to help you feel full.

·          Drink plenty of water so you don’t confuse hunger with thirst.

·          Limit salt and starches to
help reduce fluid retention.

·          Reduce added sugars and animal fat from meat and dairy

·          Remove tempting foods from your home.

·          Keep a food journal for eating awareness and accountability.

·          Stay busy to avoid eating out of boredom.

·          And, kick up your exercise routine — incorporating up to 1 hour / day of strength training or cardio to achieve the desired results.  Better yet … add high-intensity intervals to burn more calories in less time.

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