Wednesday's Workout -

Wednesday's Workout


Dec 22

Workout #3 Wednesday
You should finish this within 20 minutes. If you want ot do more cardio, do it.
Tomorrow evening I will send you guys the rest of the two week workout since posting the workouts everyday is not getting much action on the comment section.

Station #1
Heel Taps  Alternating              1 min                 
Pillar Bridges 5 Seconds          1 min
Side Pillar Bridges                   30 each
Kneeling Opp. Same               30 each                
Toe Touches hold at top & crunch for 10se

Station #2
Single Leg Balance LEFT leg 1 min
Touch Sky                                30
Singe Leg Balance RIGHT leg 1 min
Jump Rope                             30
Jump Squats hold at bottom 5 sec 1 min
Run in place                            30

Station #3
Reverse Crunch       45 slow 15 fast
SuperMan Hold for 10 3 reps      30 Sec
Swimming SuperMan            30 sec
Sitting Twist                           30 Sec
Ab Crossovers                       30 Sec
Yoga 4 in 1                           1 min

Station #4
Lunge   LEFT LEG     SLOW      1 min
Run in place (or rest)              30 sec
Lunge   RIGHT LEG  SLOW      1 min
Run in place (or rest)              30 sec
FAST LUNGES  45 seconds EACH
Run in Place                          30 sec


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Linda Creme December 26, 2009

Got some good workouts in during break so far! Monday 21st 4 hours of hard skiing and then an hour in the gym:) Tuesday 22nd 4 hours of skiing, wednesday 23rd 5 hours of skiing and then 1 hour in the gym!! yeah me….two days off for Christmas. Saturday 1 hour workout have a great day…off to have a good day with the family:)

see you tomorrow

Jackie December 25, 2009

With a sick hubby, a 3-year-old and christmas prep, I’ve been pressed for time…BUT NO MORE! Christmas is here and everything that can be done is, so today (and tomorrow and the next…) are for Mommy! I’ll post again later and tell you of my great conquering success story.

Cheers and Merry Christmas!

Elisabeth Cawthon December 24, 2009

Drove to Louisiana and back on Wednesday, so no walk or run–but I did get in the workout (it took 27 minutes)

…and I’m learning to blog!

Chris December 24, 2009

I’ve got a routine going now. 30-45 minutes of walking and then the workout. Not the same as the actual boot camp workouts at Andy Brown but a close second. Thanks, Brad, for coming up with these workouts. Merry Xmas.

Tom December 24, 2009

Good morning boot campers,

Did the required exercises for the day without too many problems. Once I started I was fine. Getting started required the most effort.

Have a great day and Merry Christmas to all!

Tom Hudon

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