Vitamin With Iron - Advocare's CorePlex With Iron -

Vitamin With Iron – Advocare’s CorePlex With Iron


Jun 15

Vitamins + Minerals + Iron

CorePlex with Iron combines the popular AdvoCare vitamin and mineral supplement with 18 mg of iron to provide a complete package for anyone looking for core nutrition and proper iron supplementation.

Why CorePlex with Iron?

Iron deficiency has been associated with fatigue, decreased immune system functioning and decreased cognitive function. For those seeking iron supplementation, this provides 100% of the daily recommended level of iron. CorePlex with Iron supplement provides the solution while also adding 36 other vitamins, minerals and nutrients to support health and wellness.

Key Benefits

  •  Serves as an excellent source of iron (18 mg)
  •  Contains a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and botanicals
  •  Provides a strong nutritional foundation for the whole family
  •  Provides a comprehensive package of B vitamins
  •  Contains antioxidants to help combat the effects of free radicals

We’d love to answer any of your questions about AdvoCare and CorePlex with Iron. Give us a call, shoot us an email or you can have it  delivered right to your door by clicking here.

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