Tuesday's Workout -

Tuesday's Workout


Dec 22

Changing it up a bit for Tuesday. Youhave 15 minutes to complete as many circuits as you can with the below exercises. If you need to rest, rest. The idea is to go as
hard as you can without resting and see how many circuits you can
to. Doing exercise #1 – exercise #5 is one circuit. You have 15
minutes to see how many you can get. This will be a great workout in
a short period of time. Remember to come back and comment.

Exercise #1  Push Ups  25 repetitions

Exercise #2  2 Arm Standing Row 

Exercise #3  50 Jumping Jacks

Exercise #4  25 Mountain Climbers (50 total -25 on each leg)

Exercise #5  15  Slow Bicycle (30 Total -15 on each leg)

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Angela Barta December 23, 2009

For some reason I can’t figure out how to blog for today. I went on a 25 min walk/jog and came home and did wednesday’s workout. It was harder than I thought it would be! Good motivation to mail in my registration for this coming up year and to not miss any workouts on other days! Yesterday I did go on a 3 mile walk/jog, so I guess that counts! Looking forward to the rest of the workouts. Thanks Brad and the rest of the team!

Tom Hudon December 23, 2009

Started off the day eating home-made fudge a co-worker brought to work. I had two pieces that were so good! Later in the day someone had home-made cookies to share. Had about 8 of them because they were so good! Other than that I ate small healthy portions of food.

Chris and I walked the dog for a mile followed by three circuits of exercise. I was surprised that the 15 minutes spent working out really had me sweating and exerting myself. It must have been the sugar consumed earlier in the day.

My weight is holding steady which makes me feel good. My measurements feel no different since leaving camp last week. One note to mention, I noticed my older socks that were losing elasticity are fitting much better now that my calf muscles are larger.

That’s it for now. Hope that everyone has a great day!

Chris December 23, 2009

Tuesday’s workout was a little tougher than it looked. I agree that it was fun to push yourself against the time. Looking forward to Wednesday’s workout.

Tara December 22, 2009

Did 3 circuits this morning

Elisabeth Cawthon December 22, 2009

3 and 2/5 circuits in 15 minutes (50 standing rows each circuit), plus a 25 minute walk and 10 minute run. It was fun to push against the time!

Julie Smith December 22, 2009

Thanks for the great workout. I missed Monday, so this morning I combined Mon/Tues workouts and did 3 circuits of each. My golden retriever, Scout, thought it was a game and tried to join in!

Off to do more shopping and enjoy the day. Happy day to everyone.

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