Tips, One Week Sale, and boot camp info -

Tips, One Week Sale, and boot camp info


Mar 05

1. Sale of the week – Click Here Get our top 2 products at a huge discount. Top15 to respond get the sale

2. Tip of the week – Click Here How to plan ahead.

3. Next Week – We OFF Spring Break week
We will be sending 3 workouts for you to do on your own next week while we are off. For those of you that want to workout still while we are off, we are giving you an opportunity to workout with us for $15/session. You can come to 1, 2 or all 3 sessions offered. We ask, though, that you let us know in advance what day(s) and time (s) you plan on coming. We will have sign up sheet for those of you who do not want to be off. We are only offering the 5:30am, 8am, and 5pm but if the 6:30am and 6pm get 8 people committed, we will offer it. This is a week off for most of us but if you are not wanting to take a week off, we are offering you a few options. This is just an extra service we are offering so if this if something you want to do great. We do recommend you taking a break from time to time and this will give some of you a chance to do that. Plus, a lot of you will be on Spring Break which is why we take the week off.

Payment – $15/session – You can bring the money next week or you can pay on our merchant account site (put in the amount /session that you plan on coming to and comment what it is for in the comment section)

4. Workouts for this week – Click here