Tips and Information for this week. -

Tips and Information for this week.


May 10

Basic info

1.  Emails- If you are not getting the emails, just email me and let us know so we can hopefully get you back on the list.
2. Successful 5k Run – A big thanks to everyone who helped make the 5k event successful this past weekend. See pictures at I added more up today. We had a number of boot campers who particpated and helped.
3. This week. 4 sessions (Dallas boot campers can come to the Coppell Location) Saturday in Coppell Location is at 7am or 8am.
4. Evite for our appreciation Party at our House on May 22nd. If you did not get an evite for our May 22nd event, please email us and let us know so we can make sure you get it.
5. Cardio this week
Tuesday (Wednesday for McKinney Ave)  30 Slow 30 Fast   30-45  Minutes
Thursday (Friday for McKinney Ave) 30-45 minutes at one pace (somewhere between slow and medium)
6. Getting Back to Basics. Are you following the Basics? 

1. Are you drinking enough water?
2. Are you eating within 60 Minutes of your workouts??
3. Are you eating 5-6 small meals and snacks each day?
4.DO you have a positive attitude toward all the changes you are making in your life?? Remember to be POSITIVE about this great change.
5. Do all your meals and snacks have some sort of lean protein in it?
6. Are you planning your days and week so you are prepared to eat 5-6 times a day?
7. Are you eating a healthy breakfast? THis is KEY to getting results! It is tough with time to get a well-balanced breakfast, but having a healthy?breakfast is what JUMP Starts your metabolism.
The Advocare Meal Replacement shakes are proven to be a perfect option. your workouts!

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