Tips and Information for this week in Boot Camp -

Tips and Information for this week in Boot Camp


Jun 21

Tips and Information of the week.

1. Tip of the week from Will SmithClick Here to get a litte motivation
2. Next weekClick Here for information and to put your name down if.
3. July 3rd – Celebrate in the parade with other GYIS boot campers and families. Click Here
4. Off-Day Cardio this weekClick Here for what we suggest you do this week. We encourage
you to comment on the blog what you did for cardio which hopefully will motivate you
to actually do your off-day cardio.
5. Pictures from SaturdayClick Here to see the pictures. We will take group pictures again at each
session on Friday.
6. Women of Strength – Click Here –  We are hosting another Women of Strength night at our house next week.
We have a great group of ladies who have already signed up to come.

Brad Linder M.S., CPT
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