Tips and Information for the week -

Tips and Information for the week


Aug 16

Tips and Information for the week

1. Last week to help the students who are less fortunate. We thank all of you who have participated and helped make the boot camp 4 backpacks thus far. We have one more week with this Saturday being the last day. So if you have not  shared this event to your friends, neighbors, co-workers and anyone else, please do so. You can check out pictures from Saturday Clicking Here

2. Tip of the week – This is from last month but just making sure we all know how important this is. Click Here for the Tip of the week that Julie did.

3.  August Biggest Loser Contest – Standings at the half way mark. We actually decided not to let you know the exact percentage and just go with the standings. Hopefully that will motivate you that much more to keep going the last 2 weeks.
1. Chiffon Okuda
2. Marie Azcona
3. Ivette Rosinski
4. Gray Kinney
5. Susana Landeira
6. Susan Wilson
7. Dan Welty
8. Mike Bloodworth
9. Phil Hagan
10. Chris Mayhan
11. Vicki Cathy
12. Francis Johnson
13. Daniela Centeno
14. Barret Clark
Remember, this is for a Free Month of Boot camp. There are 16 more that are the list so you each have a shot at this.

4. Let us know how we can help you – With 2 more weeks, if you have any questions or need extra help, please let us know.

5. Off-Day Cardio for this week –
Tuesday (Wednesday McKinney Location) – 30 Minutes at one pace. Try staying in between slow and medium for 30-45 minutes. Stretch after you are finished
Thursday – (Friday McKinney Location) – 5 – minutes of Core work. 1 Minute Slow, 1 Min Medium, 1 min. Fast 30-45 minutes.
Saturday – Boot Camp 4 Backpacks