Tips and Information for the week -

Tips and Information for the week


Jun 14

Good morning. Hope you had a great weekend. Shor tand sweet today. We have a lot of things below for you
1. Tip of the Week – The Power of 12 from the Abs Diet book Click Here
2. Cardio For the weekClick Here for Cardio for the week. Why not trust us and follow the cardio workouts we give to you on the off-days?
3. This week – 3 Times  during the week and Saturday at 7am or 8am in Coppell. Wear your Get You In Shape T-shirts.
4. Celebrate with GYIS –  Get You In Shape will be in the in the Coppell Parade and we want you to join us. You can come alone of bring your your family (spouse, kids0 etc.)  Click here for more info
5. GYIS Week of June 28th-July 2- CLICK HEREfor information on our week off and if you want to workout whiel we have the week off.
6. Women of Strength – Click Here –  We are hosting another Women of Strenght night at our house next week.

I think that is it. You should all get the measurements from Fridya today and let us know if we can help you.

Brad Linder
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