Tip - Office stretches you can while at work -

Tip – Office stretches you can while at work


Sep 05

Tip – Office stretches you can while at work

Some more noted benefits of stretching include the following:

  • Improved flexibility, endurance, and muscular strength.
  • Reduced muscle soreness, aches, and pains.
  • Improved muscular and joint mobility.
  • More efficient muscular movements and fluidity of motion.
  • Increased ability to exert maximum force of muscles.
  • Prevention of lower back problems.
  • Improved body alignment and posture.
  • Helps prevent muscle imbalance by lengthening tight overused muscles and strengthening underused muscles.

To be the most effective, stretching is something you should do every day to help increase your flexibility and reduce injury.  Recent studies have shown that fewer injuries from working out are a result of weeks of stretch training.

Here are just a few great ones

Stretch #1
Sit on the edge of your chair
Tighten you mid section
Reach as high as you can to the ceiling
Hold for 5 seconds and bring arms down
Relax and repeat 2-5 times

Stretch #2OfficeStretches (2)
Similar to Stretch #1
Grab opposite wrist with one hand
Pull the wrist over your head to one side
Hold for 5 seconds
Perform 2-5 times
Switch sides

Stretch #3OfficeStretches (3)
Sit tall in Chair
bring arms out to sides
Tighten core and bring arms back
Squeeze shoulder blades together
Hold 5 seconds and relax
Perform 3-5 times
Can also do this with palms facing ceiling

OfficeStretches (5)Stretch #4
Neck Rolls
Sit tall again in chair
Close your eyes
Pull neck back
Make small circles w/ your neck
Perform 10 circles and change sides

Stretch #5OfficeStretches (7)
Ankle Circles and Raises
Lift knee up and off the ground
Flex tow toward ceiling
Point toe toward the ground
Repeat a few times
Move your ankle in circles
Change legs

OfficeStretches (9)Stretch #6
Leg Raises

Sit up tall in chair
Tighten core
bring one leg straight in the air
Make small lifts with that leg
Repeat 4-5 times
Switch legs

Stretch #7OfficeStretches (6)
Put one knee on ground
Other leg is forward
Interlock fingers
Reach arms up and back
Pull your hips forward
Hold for 15-20 seconds
Switch sides