Thursday's Workout - Dallas and Coppell Boot Camp workout for the holidays -

Thursday's Workout – Dallas and Coppell Boot Camp workout for the holidays


Dec 23

Workout #4  Thursday December 24th – Fitness boot Camp Workout
This is just a workout. Don’t worry about time. Just finish.  Tomorrow I will give you the next few days of workouts. Let us know if you have any questions by commenting on the blog below.

Warm Up
Backward lunge, Summo Squats, Hand Walks, Kneeling hip flexor, Lat stretch

Station #1

Cardio and Ladders
Base side to side                              45 sec                        Rest 30 sec
Cardio set                                          50 sec                        Rest 30 sec
4 square                                            45 sec                        Rest 30 sec
Mountain Climbers                        45 sec              Rest 30 sec

Group #2
Shoulders Y, T, W, L (20 sec ea) – 1 leg option for more advanced
2 arm row  (1 min)                                        Planks to push ups 15, 45 sec
 REST 15 sec
2 arm L row (1 min)                                      Negative Push Up   1 min
REST 15 sec
2 arm L Row FAST (30 sec)                                   Push ups FAST                   1 min
Station #3
1 leg Shoulder press (30 sec ea leg)                   
Tricep ext (45 sec SLOW, 15 FAST)
2 leg Shoulder press FAST (30 sec)
Lying Tricep Ext. (1 min)


Bicycle SLOW/FAST                    (1 min)
4 Yoga Press                                   (15 sec ea)
Toe Touches (4-2-1)                    (1 min)
Oblique reaches                             (1min)
Heel Taps – alternating (45 sec SLOW, 15 FAST)      
Kneeling Opposites – alternating (1 min)
Scissors                                         (1 min)


1 leg Bicep curls (30 sec ea leg)           
2 leg Bicep curls FAST (30 sec)Bicep 10-10-10         

Station #4

Cardio – However many minutes are left (15 slow, 45 fast)

Calf Stretch, Stretch bands

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Susan and Tony December 25, 2009

OK boot-campers–I haven’t done a thing until today! I was feeling lousy not working out so this morning i got up and went for a long run/walk–ended up going for 65 minutes and felt great!! Thanks to our wonderful trainers for making me as close to an ‘athlete’ as I have ever been in my life! Tony joined me walking and his knees lasted!! Wishing you all Christmas Blessings!

Elisabeth Cawthon December 24, 2009

Did the workout in 30 minutes and then 5 minutes cardio (steps). The hardest part was the shoulder presses right after the rows! Not as challenging as class but so worth it to be doing something every day.

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