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What You Get!

  • Kickoff Event -  to prepare you to rock your new body! (value $79)
  • 3-4 Group Personal Training Sessions each week with 5-6 session times to choose NO EXCUSES. (value $159-$219/month)
  •  2 Interval Based Cardio Sessions Each week - Interval based cardio program that is led by a GYIS Personal Trainer. ($60 value)
  • 1 Monthly 5k - Join other like-minded folks for a walk, jog or run to get in a 5k ($20 Value) 
  • Accountability Coach  -You will get assigned a Coach to help motivate and support you!  
  • Get You In Shape Program Guidebook - This is the 101 guide to helping you get the kick start you are looking for the Summer! (value $79)
  • Nutrition System - We are a total program and this will help with 70% of your battle. (value $79)
  • Daily Accountability,  Education & Nutrition Tips - Weekly tips that will help maximize your results! (value $300)
  • Fitness and Nutrition Journal - Discover how Get You In Shape can help double your results by using this simple to follow program. (value $47)
  • Accountability - Put yourself in a positive and healthy environment that creates motivation, encouragement, inspiration and accountability. (value = Priceless)
  • Nutrition System- You'll get access to Get You In Shape's proven step by step ("follow the darn instructions") nutrition system. Super Simple designed for long term lifestyle change  (value $150)

Total Value $798 
 The Initial 6-Week Better You Program is $49/week

1. When : You start after you meet with Get You In Shape founder, Brad Linder for the Success Session/Orientation. 
2. Fitness Levels: We work with ALL FITNESS LEVELS
3. Where: Andy Brown East Park (next to The Core Rec Center) 260 East Parkway Blvd. Coppell, Texas (Map It)
See weather details on our FAQ page  ( 
4. What Days: 
Group Personal Training  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
(2 Saturday sessions each month 7am & 8am)

Fitness Session Times 
Morning Times:  5:30am, 6:30am, 8:00am, 12pm M-W-F
Evening Times: 5:30pm & 6:30pm M-W and Friday’s at 5:30pm

NOTE: You can come to any session times offered once you sign up making it very flexible (no-excuses) 
Cardio Club (interval based cardio)
5:30am - Tuesday and Thursday
You will get the entire  Accountability Calendar at the Orientation

Frequently Asked Questions
If I am out of shape/have never exercised can I still do the program?
Yes, we have modifications for every exercise and we can scale the workouts to your fitness level.

Does it include a nutrition plan too? Yes! An incredibly delicious, easy, and effective meal plan! We know that most folks just need a "Follow The Darn Instructions" plan so we have built a simple and easy plan for you to follow to help you.

If I have joint issues, injuries, or heath issues, should I wait to try this?
Message us and let's talk! We can work around most joint issues, injuries, arthritis, etc--that's why we have highly skilled trainers and work in a small group environment. But let's talk. We will always provide you with an honest assessment of whether/how we can work with any issues that you may have. And we will always work with your physician's recommendations.

Can I still participate if I am not over the hill :) ?
Yes! Our program is designed for all fitness levels but the majority of the people we help are between ages 45-65. We have a number of clients that are younger than 45 and a few over 65. 

How long is the program?
The initial Jump Start is a 6-week program giving you mind hacks, accountability, coaching, our proven nutrition system and 6-weeks of our fitness program. We are a year-round program so many clients just continue on after experiencing our amazing fitness coaching, friendly supportive environment and the real life results.

How much is it? 
Our program options range from $35-$52.50/week. The initial 6-Week Program is $49/week.