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Dec 19

Advocare Nutritional Supplements – Sports Performance

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products are safe and they WORK! One way we know that is because
has hundreds of non-paid (yes, they do not get paid a single dime to
take the
products) endorsers that take
because it help them look, feel, and PERFORM better at what they do.
Here are just a few of the many endorsers.

Drew Brees takes
nutrition and wellness products because they help his
focus and performance on the football team. 

NFL Kicker Brown lost 3 % body fat and felt great on
. Hear
how Advocare has made a big impact on Josh’s playing and performance.

Michael Redd won a Gold Medalist on the USA basketball team. His
personal trainer explains HOW
is set apart from other nutritional supplement
companies out there.

Not sure yet? Give us a call or email us with any questions you may have
about the Advocare nutritional products. or

Get You in Shape is a health and wellness Company in Dallas and in the
Coppell Area. Get You In Shape is involved with Advocare because the
company is backed by science and world class endorsers that take the
nutritional products.