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Cathy Perschbacher

"I was tired of sleeping my days away and not leaving the house because I hated the way I looked. The workouts were exactly what I needed because I was able to start going at my own level, which not good.  I also needed a realistic nutrition plan that I could follow long term and needed accountability. I got all of those with Get You In Shape. I am down 30 lbs, my confidence is back and my husband is all over me again"

Rhonda Shaw

"Before starting, I was tired of allowing my circumstances control my life. I was taking care of everything and everyone other than myself. I felt terrible, had no energy and didn't sleep. This program has CHANGED MY LIFE. I have lost 90+ pounds, sleep like a baby and feel ALIVE again for the first time in a long time."

Kimberly Johnson

"After having my last baby I needed help getting a jump start back. This program was easy to follow as a busy mom and it gave me the results I wanted in just a few short weeks. I lost 10 pounds in the first 4 weeks and a total of 23 pounds in 10 Weeks. 13.86% Body weight lost and 21 inches."

Billy Faight

"It took me over 58 years....but I've lost weight, gotten healthy again and feel better than I have in years! I never would have imagined sticking to any program but I drank the kool aid and it's pretty darn good. I'm down over 50 pounds and have stuck to it over 4 years now."

Cynthia Linder

"After having my 5th child, I used this program to help me lose 40 lbs. I am able to climb in the back seat again, do my tow nails to the little things easier like bending down to pick things off the ground."

3, 659 Success Stories since 2006!

With over 700+ YouTube Videos alone, this program has been proven to help people look and feel 10 years younger! 

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About Transformation Coach Brad Linder

Hey! My name is Brad Linder. I have been a Transformation Coach since 1999 and would like to invite you to our Summer Slimdown. My passion is helping people become the best versions of themselves.

I've been featured as "one of the Top Personal Trainer Companies in Texas" by the Doctor's TV Show, featured on CNN and I'm also a best selling author. 

For 21+ years, I have been able to help thousands of clients look, feel and perform better. Don't believe me? Head over to our YouTube channel where you can watch over  have over 700 video testimonies proving that our programs work. Below is a picture of my wife and I with P-90 X founder Tony Horton.